Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Clanrats Update - Part 7!


Well, I think we are nearly there! (Famous last words...)

I managed to get the Devlan Mud wash onto the whole unit this evening and I think they would be OK on the tabletop at this point! I was careful to apply it to the clothes, armour and weapons, rather than put it on over the Ogryn Flesh wash I did yesterday. As usual, the Devlan Mud has toned down the Ice Blue nicely, and given the unit a dirty (Skaven-like!) look.

Here is a comparison of one model before and after washes:
Before washes

Ogryn Flesh wash on skin/ tail etc.

Devlan Mud wash on cloth, armour, weapons.
 And here is the unit together:

As you can see, I also painted the eyes Blood Red and also brushed a lighter layer of Calthan Brown on the bases too.

To finish off the unit, I still need to do the banners, add some grass to the bases and (time permitting) drybrush the skin, armour and cloth. On the command squad (Champion, Standard Bearer and Musician) I might also do some detailed highlighting as they are the key models in the unit.

I'm getting excited about finally seeing this unit on the table next to my other Clanrat units!


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