Saturday, December 28, 2013

Templars for the New Year.


Not going to be able to get in any gaming or painting time over the holiday season unfortunately, and that is a REAL shame, as thanks to the generosity of some family members I was able to order some models on ebay.

The models in question?
More Black Templars.

As you can see here, this haul included a Drop Pod and a set of ten marines (approx half with bolt pistol and close combat weapon) and also a Dreadnought (a separate purchase). Everthing I read seems to indicate that to get across the table, some kind of distraction in the enemy backfield is going to be necessary, and one way to do that is with drop pods. I only have one at the moment, but I didn't want to go over budget...

I also picked up a load of Sternguard veteran parts (not shown) from some separate sellers, because I really liked the idea of how flexible they can be because of their access to different ammunication types (as outlined on this truly excellent post over at Dakka Dakka by Sir Arun - I nod respectfully to you sir!)

These additions should help me have a more flexible army. Over time, I will pick up more drop pods, but this is a good start. I'm going to have to stop acquiring, and start painting more, as once the Sternguard get here I really will have quite a backlog to clear, as shown by the image below.
As well as the new units I bought most recently, I still have to paint the two Whirlwind units I have. Although my opponents here won't mind me proxying them "as is", I'd like to add some parts so they can be played as Anti Air units too (or at least look a bit more like AA units!)

It is the end of the Hobby year for me, and overall, it has been a good year. 

As I have exclusively been a Tau player to date, it is quite a different ball game getting my head around Space Marines and the different units and play styles they have (although, for the aesthetic alone, Tau will probably always be my favorite.) As I don't get to play often, I am only at the beginning of understanding how to use the Space Marines, but it is still refreshing to try a new army.

I only wish I had time to play more games (of either 40K or WFB). Still, being gainfully employed allows me to feed my habit, even if it precludes me from playing very often. It has also been an adventurous year in terms of painting (at least for me) because I tried some new techniques and overall I was quite pleased with the results.
The Tau Riptide model was my first try at a diorama and some weathering techniques, and the armoured units in my Black Templars were a good test bed for getting my hands dirty with mud (and more weathering!)

Here is hoping for more time next year for more painting and gaming adventures.

I'll finish by wishing everyone in the gaming world (or actually, the world in general!)  all the best for 2014 - may the Dice Gods be on your side...
Play fair and Roll well!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Black Templars Chaplains!


My Black Templars army has been slowly expanding through my eagle-eye focus on eBay, but I have moved into a phase of picking up single models to boost the army, rather than larger units.

In addition to Marshal Helbrecht (recently completed, see here) recent crop of purchases just arrived over the last day or two, and I had the chance to look at them today. 

Reclusiarch Grimaldus and Servitors.

I like the Grimaldus model, and I was happy to see when the model showed up that it looked much better in reality than in the photos on eBay! I don't think Grimaldus himself really needs any highlighting or additional painting at all if I don't get around to it. 

The servitors might need a little bit of work, (maybe the bases and some highlighting) but they are fine for now and very much ready for the gaming table.

Impact on the game? In truth, Grimaldus is probably overpriced, but could be a lot of fun in a foot list or in a Land Raider crusader (where his buffs still work on units around the vehicle) AND as I am reading the Helsreach novel, he has the added attraction of just...being...awesome from a fluff point of view.

Chaplain with Jump Pack

This guy needs some work, but again, he is in a pretty good state! Some washes and highlighting on his purity seals and the various bits of cloth should do the trick (again, along with being properly based.)

Gaming wise, the (an) opinion seems to be that Chaplains in general are OK in small games. I thought he might be useful in a unit of 8 assault marines that I have. Perceived internet wisdom though is that Chaplains of any kind (especially the highly-priced Grimaldus) fail to compare to a generic Chapter Master as a good HQ choice.

As usual though, I don't play competitively, so can't wait to try them out!


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Finished Black Templar Land Speeders


Mmmmm, Typhoon missile launcher goodness!

Finally finished these four land speeders to the point where I am happy with them. They have been sitting for a while, especially as I got bored working on the white panels and it took me some time to get back into them...

Photos below, with a few more comments after that:

These Land Speeders were a good chance to try a couple of the weathering techniques that I have played around with on other models to date.
In particular, chips and general wear and tear on edges and surfaces, (something I tried first on my Tau Riptide) and also rust washes, which I previously tried on my Skaven warmachines for WFB.

I had some initial good luck when I first tried out Typhoon land speeders against Tyranids some moons ago, so I thought I would put together a squadron of 3 to have a krak at monstrous creatures and other nasties. The cannon version will be by itself, providing something else for my enemy to worry about as it zips around the battlefield...


Monday, September 23, 2013

"Mud, glorious Mud!"

...or "Getting dirty with Black Templar Heavy Support"

After recently having a go at weathering some Black Templar vehicles that I purchased on "the bay", I decided to really go for it and try something new by learning how to add mud. I have made stuff look used before, most notably my Tau Riptide, but I haven't muddied stuff up.

Here is how they turned out:
...also tried to add a patina of age to the metallic cherub...
The "Potestas IV". 4th in her line to bear that name.

Homebrew Tech Marine...not too happy to see all this mud in
the hangar I shouldn't wonder!

You can find lots of videos and information on the web on how to go about this, and there are a variety of techniques, ranging from very simple to a little complex, depending on what tools and resources you have to hand.

I watched this video by MarneusAugustaCalgar:

This suited me down to the ground, as I don't have access to some of the weathering pigments used to such stunning effect in other videos, but I do have modeling sand, gloss varnish ("GW 'ard Coat"), old brushes and a load of brown paint (left over from painting a battlefield).

You can see the technique in the video (I substituted modelling sand and brown paint for actual earth) but the simple steps are:
1.) Pour modelling sand into a container.
2.) Pour paint into modelling sand.
3.) Mix well.
4.) Add gloss varnish. 
I mixed up a big batch, because I was going to work on 3-4 vehicles in one go.
Once you have done that, follow the video and set to work (accompanied by the right music of course!)


a.) Don't be too precious - get it on there in among the bogies for the tracks and anywhere else you want mud!
b.) Use an old, unwanted brush. Even if you can clean it later, the bristles are going to be ruined.
c.) If you are doing multiple vehicles, don't go too slowly! The varnish dries quicker than you might think, so the mix becomes unusable in quite a short time.
d.) If you turn your vehicles over on the tabletop when they get destroyed, don't forget to do underneath as well...

If you want to, then do the process again, but this time using a darker paint. I think it looks better to have a couple of different colours. Also, I think the darker paint on top shows that this mud is "fresher", while the lighter colour has dried. You should do this to your own taste, but you can get a sense of this above.
I like this technique because it is simple to do, fun to try, and it really adds something extra to the vehicle. I also quite like the gloss effect (although there are plenty of people who don't!).

Some useful feedback I later received from the excellent model painting communities on Google+ included...

1.) ...I have too much mud on the actual tracks themselves - the tracks are always moving, so they actually would have LESS mud on them because the mud falls off.
2.) ...consider adding modelling flock to the mix. This can help to give the impression of churned-up turf/ grass (I don't know how much you would add though).
3.) ...if you don't like the gloss effect, consider using Matt varnish, or later adding a wash.
(I can't remember the exact words, but a big thanks to everyone for the input!)

These vehicles actually aren't finished. There is lots more detailing that I would like to (should!) do, including drilling out gun barrels, further highlights and drybrushing etc. but for now, I reckon these guys could bring some rolling thunder to the table!

Thanks for looking - all comments and constructive criticism welcome!


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Planning a Crusade...What are my Options?

"The boss" has arrived... the form of the High Marshal Helbrecht model that I snagged off ebay.
Definitely not the model I got off ebay!
Copyright Games Workshop

So now the question is, I am too impatient to wait to build up my army, so what kind of Black Templars fighting force can I put together? I thought I would ask the question to you, the experts, for your opinions.

1. I don't have any of the new SM: Codex models. (e.g. Centurions)
2. Everything I have collected to date fits in with the "Old" codex in terms of units and vehicles. e.g. I don't have any older  "regular" Space Marine units that can now be taken with Black Templars (Thunderfire Cannons, Flyers etc.)
3. I don't want to spend much more money - so if you build an army with the units listed below, but want to recommend a unit or two I don't have, please keep it at a unit or two!

Here is a list of the models I currently have (you can see most of them here, although the High Marshal didn't arrive in time for the family photo!) I have added links to photos that might help, but the photos weren't taken with grouping models together, so they are a bit mixed up.

I'm looking for a fun (fluffy, but with a chance of putting out some hurt) 1850-2000 point force to be used with friends, (so proxying is OK, and so is WYSIWIG)


x1 Helbrecht
x1 Emperor's Champion
x1 Chapter Master

x1Chaplain in Terminator armor

Command Squad x5)
(x5 models, including Apothecary and Company Champion. Unit has a Chapter Banner)

Honor Guard x5
(or, 5 models that could be used as HG)


(x2 with Thunder Hammer and shield, x3 with claws)

(with autocannon)


-including x2 missile launchers, x1 plasma x1 Flamer, x1 Melta Gun

Sword Brethren x5 

Neophytes x10
(6 with CC weapons, 4 with shotguns)

x3 Rhinos
(I also have kitbashed 
-optional x1 twin-linked heavy bolters
- and x1 twin-linked lascannon... I could make x2 of these Rhinos into x2 Razorbacks)

Fast Attack:

(4 with power swords, 2 with power axes)

x1 Landspeeder (with cannon)

Heavy Support

(TL Lascannons and Sponson Lascannons, but I have the sprues to replace the turret lascannons with cannons)
EDIT: x1 Whirlwind

Any thoughts, help or advice out there?


Sunday, September 8, 2013

Black Templars...AFTER the Apocalypse...

Well, since my last Black Templars post, where I looked ahead to the new Space Marines Codex in the light of great concern by the BT community, a couple of things have happened.

  1. The new Space Marines Codex dropped, and came to me as a download from the Black Library in digital form.
  2. More reinforcements for my growing BT army arrived, making me think about where I want to go next (particularly after reading the Codex.)
Let's take a look at those things one by one.

The new Space Marines Codex - The Digital Divide...

I opted to get this as a digital download for three reasons. 
1. Convenience: (physical) I couldn't be bothered to trek across Tokyo to Games Workshop to get one (its a big city right!)
2. Convenience: (format) I always make my lists using Army Builder or Battlescribe and take them digitally with me to a game on my tablet. Why not have the rules digitally as well? One less thing to carry.
3. Cost: 4,643 yen (29.99 GBP) digital ebook v. 8,000 yen (51.66 GBP)

Now, it wasn't too difficult to order the Codex online, and when I woke up on release date 7th September, the download links were live, but there is an important lesson that comes next, and this has to do with ereaders and file types.
FB Reader icon
If you aren't using iBOOKS/ Apple, (a separate purchase) payment gives you access to two file types (each of which you can download 5 times):
These are both popular ereader file formats, and there are lots of different readers that will open them, so no problems...(I am using FB Reader)
...however, note that in my brief experience, there are some limitations that you might want to be aware of.
-Neither of these formats include links from within the text to other parts of the contents. In other words, where a rule is listed, there isn't a link that jumps to the actual rule. This would be really helpful for making this a viable reference tool, and it is (I think) implemented in the ibooks version.
-Only one of these formats (ePUB) appears to include an index. Fortunately, the index does link to the appropriate page.

Yes, I can manually add bookmarks throughout the text at various places that I know will be useful to me, but that is neither very convenient nor as useful as it might sound, because to use a bookmark (after creating them for the whole book) you need to go through several steps.
a.) Open bookmarks.
b.) Scroll through bookmarks (which often can't be renamed or listed in a preferred order)
c.) Click bookmark.
d.) wait for jump to bookmark.
e.) scroll through section to find the exact reference you want.

Hmmm, not very convenient.

So the lessons are (I think)
- The ePUB reader version seems somewhat easier to use, and is actually half the size.
- If using the digital version for mainly reference (which I guess most people would like to) then consider the iBOOKS version. It is more expensive (39.99 GBP) but it appears to have completely linked references from the text and is also includes a complete interactive army-builder.
Note links, including quick links to special rules.
Interactive army builder
There seems to be a big difference between iBOOKS and ereader format. Not being an expert, I don't know if this is to do with the limitations of the format itself, or simply because iBOOKS is a better bet financially to put more money into. I suspect it is a bit of both, but isn't there a half-way house? (e.g. embedded links in the ereader text, even if there can't be an interactive army builder.)

And you know what? I'll probably end up buying the printed Codex anyway, because a Codex is just good to have in your hand!

The New Space Marines Codex - The Crusade begins anew...

Aside from the digital stuff above, Templar players probably want to know what is going on with the actual rules. As I said in my previous post, I thought that whatever happened, it wouldn't really make a huge difference to most players, and that in fact it might bring in some new players. So what is the news?

They keep/ gain some stuff:

-Templars get a significant amount of space, even as a successor chapter.
-They get their own Chapter Tactics, (Accept any Challenge no matter the odds, Crusaders) whereas other successor chapters use the Chapter Tactics of their parent chapter.
-They have Crusader Squads, that can be 5 initiates with one initiate taking a Heavy weapon/ Power weapon/ Power fist and a different initiate taking a weapon from the Special weapons list (Flamer/ Melta/ Grav/ Plasma).
-They now have access to the full Space Marine armory (i.e. all the new shooty stuff!)

They lose some stuff/ can't compare to other chapters:

-Eternal Champion gets dinged. Expensive. Has "combat stances" but they only work in challenges.
-Marshall Helbrecht (unlike all other Chapter Masters) doesn't get Orbital Bombardment. I know he is "only" a High Marshall" and not a CM, but it still doesn't seem to make sense to me.
-BT Chaplains take a hit. No more Master of Sanctity, overall back to "Vanilla" SM Chaplains for the BTs.
-They don't really mind Psykers too much now - at least in an allied force (hey, if you were wrapped-up in the old fluff this is a big deal.

These are the things that I have noticed from reading around. There is lots more stuff that can be added to this list, but this isn't an "analysis of the Codex" post (just checkout Bolter and Chainsword for those - BT experts aplenty there...)

...and a new Black Templar joins the crew:

Chaplain in Terminator armor


Sunday, August 25, 2013

Black Templars - The coming Apocalypse

++Message Begins++

Hail Brothers! 

You read these words in troubled times, for we face great change, and have we not been unchanging?

Never have we, the true crusaders of  the emperor,  faced such uncertainty, but we must  remain strong in our faith and our mission. Many of us have had our thoughts clouded by rumour, and there has been much wailing and gnashing of teeth. As a crusader I too have felt myself fall prey to my inner fears, fears that we shall lose our identity, and our power, through a coming change - possibly the greatest in our long history.

However, we must hold our heads up high and focus our thoughts.
Is it not true that the ONLY certainty in the galaxy is change?
Is it not true that any distraction itself causes us to shy away from our true calling, the smiting of our enemies?
Is it not true that we have long faced hardship caused by our unchanging ways, only to struggle on heroically in the pursuit of victory?

I entreat you brother - think back.

Did you become a battle-brother because you were attracted to the rigor of our ways, our values, our history and the purity of our cause?
I tell you REJOICE because these things cannot be taken away from us.

Did you become a crusader because you saw that our order of battle would lead to righteous victory?
I tell you REJOICE in the knowledge that we may find new strategies and tactics to destroy our enemies.

REJOICE also in that this change will lead to greater knowledge of our chapter. More Neophytes will join our cause, bringing with them new zeal to smite the foe. 
REJOICE that our crusades will have access to new tools with which to face the darkness, and extinguish the life and light in the eyes of the enemy.
...and finally, BE SAFE in the knowledge that whatever change we might face, we shall still experience the joy of friendship with others who share our mission...


...and of course, share our love of the tabletop wargaming!

The post above is prompted by the forthcoming release of the new Space Marine Codex for 40K, and in it (apparently) content for several different chapters - among them the Black Templars. 

This is a very different approach to the past for Black Templar players, as there had previously been a separate Codex that codified our rules. Being rolled into the new codex seems to have led to some unhappiness that the BT (or "Angry Mehreens") are being lessened in status. Most players had hoped that as the Templars had not had a new codex for many years there would be a separate one. 

I can understand the concerns and the frustration - no enthusiast likes to feel left out of a party, especially when they have committed a good deal of blood, sweat (and money) to a cause, but I see plenty of reasons to be positive, which you will likely have picked up above.

a.) New rules force us to move away from fossilized play styles - you might not like them, but the challenge itself is good isn't it?

b.) If the new codex gives us access to existing or new Marine weapons or tools, that is good from a modelling and army building point of view right? (I am NOT saying that lightly - I understand the financial implications of purchasing new units. However let's be honest, for better or worse this is a very expensive hobby and has been for some time. If you play this game you have already found some way to get the money, source the models, or kitbash them.)

Of course, it is easy for me to say this, as I am mainly a collector and painter (I don't get in a lot of games due to my location and other things), and I am a very recent recruit to the BT cause. In addition, I tend to purchase based on whether I like the fluff of an army, or the look of a model (hence my most recent purchase of two Predator tanks to bolster my BT army - even knowing that the new codex was coming out I think there is little chance that this iconic piece of kit will be retired).

Personally, I can't wait to see the new codex and find out what is in store for the Black Templars.
Worst case scenario? We lose a few iconic and characterful rules (OK, I bet some of you hate me now!) and our stats get worse (is that possible?) but that won't change why I love 40K:
-Great battles with moments to savor.
-Good banter with other players.
-The site of painted armies on the table.

Speaking of which, here is an updated photo of where my Black Templars chapter is right now (some units still WIP.) Hope you like them!

Land Raider - WIP

"Hi ho, Hi ho, it's off to smite we go!"

"Everybody go THAT way!"

Typhoons - WIP


Monday, July 22, 2013

How to Paint a Tau "Longstrike" model.


"You put your left foot in, your left foot out, in out, in out..."

When the new Tau Codex came out, I decided that having recently had quite a severe case of "EBay Addiction", (coupled with a nasty bout of "spending too damn much money") I would only purchase a few core units, and only then ones that really took my fancy. My logic for this was that I already had a large Tau force, and I didn't want to paint too much new stuff!

For that reason, I purchased a Riptide, (which you can see here), a Fireblade (not started) and Longstrike, "Heavy Armour Hero TM". Although I haven't played any games with these new Tau units, I figure Longstrike must almost be an "auto-take" if you are fielding Hammerheads (and facing Tyranids, which are my usual opponents.)
-Can overwatch unlimited times?
-BS 5?
...Yes please!

I can't report on his performance on the battlefield yet, but I can share with you how I painted him! (Quick  disclaimer - the turret he is in, and my other Tau, were painted without washes etc, so they will look weird next to him - and my battle-damaged Riptide - but I hope to get around to weathering them all at some point!)

Paints used (Old/ New):

  • Skull White (White Scar or Ceramite White)
  • Chaos Black (Abaddon Black)
  • Dwarf Bronze (Hashut Copper)
  • Shining Gold (Gehenna's Gold)
  • Red Gore (Wazdakka Red)
  • Blood Red (Evil Sunz Red)
  • Mordian Blue (Macragge Blue)
  • Codex Grey (Dawnstone)
  • Washes:
  • Devlan Mud (Agrax Earthshade)

Step 1: Preparation.

Use a craft knife or file away flash/ mould lines (carefully!)  Pay particular attention to this on flat surfaces, such as helmets and shoulder pads, as mould lines really show up later when painted if you don't get rid of them, especially when using white paint.

Step 2: First basing.

As Longstrike is going to stand in a turret, I didn't make any base for this model.

Step 3: Undercoat.

Spray paint the model(s) using the undercoat of your choice.

I use Citadel Skull White for my Tau. One of my army colours is white, so this reduces the number of white layers I need to add later. Many people prefer a Chaos Black undercoat. The overall effect will be darker but any bits in recesses you forget to paint or are difficult to get at just look like shadows (which is great). Unless white is an important colour in your army, you may prefer black because it is more forgiving.

Step 4: Basecoats.

This is where you add the basic colours to your model. After you finish this, you will be a big step closer to a finished model, but the colours will be very "flat" (which is why you will then add washes in step 5, below)
TIP: As with most models, I follow an "Inside Out" order of painting. This makes it easy to cover mistakes as you go along e.g. Start with the innermost items first. In this case, the under armour of Longstrike's suit is done in black. Then, the white armour plates are on top of those, so they are done next, finally, the details on top of the armour plates are done (info display on the forearm etc.)
  • Chaos Black (Abaddon Black): Boots, gloves, uniform (between armour plates)
  • Skull White (White Scar or Ceramite White): Armour plates
  • Dark Angels Green (Caliban Green): Digital display on Longstrike's forearm
  • Dwarf Bronze (Hashut Copper): Piping around gloves
  • Red Gore (Wazzdakka Red): Buttons/ indicators on suit/ armour
  • Mordian Blue (McCragge Blue): Skin

Step 5: Washes.

In this step, you are going to add shadows by adding a wash. You can either paint this into specific areas, or (as in this case) add a wash all over by applying liberally across the model.
For Longstrike, I used Agrax Earthshade on the whole model (which would usually give a dirty, grubby effect).

TIP: To save time later, consider not applying washes to the armour plates. I applied a mud wash all over, but actually looking at the model now, I am not sure of the benefit of doing that. NOT doing this would save you reapplying white again later to clean up the armour etc. If you DO wash the whole model and you are using white, you will have to reapply several layers later (as I did for the model above) unless you want Longstrike's armour to look as though he just crawled out of a peat bog.

TIP 2: If you are like me, and you hate painting the eyes on models, consider giving a second, heavy wash around the eyes off the model. From a distance, this will look like natural shadows and good enough! (Hey, I bet Longstrike doesn't get his beauty sleep right?)

Step 6: Layers/ Highlights

Highlights or progressively lighter layers of paints provide further differentiation to the raised parts of the model from the shadowed areas you created by using washes in step 5. (Drybrushing is another way to do this.)
For Longstrike, most of the effort went into bringing the armour plates back to white:
  • Armour Plates: Ceramite White: (Several layers necessary!)
  • Skin: Mordian Blue, followed by a Mordian Blue/ Skull White 50/50 mix.
  • Digital Display (on forearm)Dark Angels Green, followed by a Dark Angels/ Snot Green mix (50/50). Add a dot of white in one corner if you want a "Glass-like" effect.
  • Switches/ Suit indicators: Red Gore (Wazzdakka Red), followed by Red Gore/ Blood Red (Evil Sunz Red) mix. OR, use green as above if you don't want to use red.
  • Piping on gloves: Dwarf Bronze, followed by Shining Gold highlights.

OPTIONAL: Fortress Grey: Highlights on the edges of boots etc. (No-one is ever going to see this if you actually decide to glue him in to a turret!)

Step 7: Final Basing

As there isn't a base in this case, there ain't no "Final Basing" necessary.


Sunday, July 21, 2013

500 Points of Skaven and High Elves.


Enjoyed a quick game the other night at 500 points v. High Elves.

The idea was to just focus on the mechanics of the game so that my colleague could reacquaint himself with the mechanics of WFB and the 6th edition (after many years away).

Here are the two lists we used - both made to focus on core mechanics rather than competitiveness (e.g. only wizards as level 1, a mix of troop types, no magic items etc.) Photos after that.

High Elves: (500 Pts)

x1 Mage - General
      1 Talisman of Protection

x15 Archers

x5 Sword Masters of Hoeth 

x15 Spearmen

Skaven: (500 Pts)

 Chieftain with Shield and Halberd - General

Warlock Engineer - Level 1 Wizard

x20 Clanrats  with Full command and shields

     + 1 Poisoned Wind Mortar Weapon Team

x20 Clanrats with Full command and shields

x30 Skavenslaves 

 x10 Giant Rats and 1 Packmaster 

After rolling for spells (HE got "Soul Quench" - which sounds like a depressing energy drink to me - and the Skaven stuck with warplightning) we went to war!

The High Elf central position

The Skaven advance
High Elf shooting starts to take a toll...

A unit of slaves and Giant Rats heads up one flank...
The Swordmasters rally...
...and so did the Mage and Archers after they later fled...
After easily seeing off the Slaves (the mage had reduced the entire Giant Rats
 unit to ash in one turn) the spearmen turn around, but can't make it back to the
main battle.
Usual Skaven happenings:
a.) initial excellent performance by the poison-wind mortar killed half the unit of archers in one go, only to see a misfire on the next turn where he poisoned himself...(a two model unit with 1 wound...'nuff said)
b.) a x30 Skaven unit bounced-off the spearmen without doing anything.
c.) The other x30 Skaven unit (with the warlock engineer) chose to flee from a charge - and didn't stop fleeing! I'd only had the chance to try warplightning once or twice (but one of those took out half the small unit of Swordmasters)

Rules questions:
1.) Can Wizards cast magic after rallying? (I now think that the answer is "yes")
2.) Does the new H.E. rule "Martial Prowess" also allow a unit with the rule that is attacked in the flank to fight in TWO ranks, rather than just the usual one? (I think the answer is yes, as there is nothing stated about this?)

Sadly, this was a mega victory for the High Elves, as by the end of the game most of my units had left the table. There was definitely a "Man of the Match" though, and that was the lone Swordmaster who refused to flee in the face of a unit of clanrats, and managed to hold his ground!

The game was full of the usual Skaven surprises though, and I probably nearly made the game equal because at the end of turn five x3 HE units were running for the table edge, only for them ALL to rally at the beginning of turn 6.

Thanks to my opponent for a fun game!


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