Sunday, August 25, 2013

Black Templars - The coming Apocalypse

++Message Begins++

Hail Brothers! 

You read these words in troubled times, for we face great change, and have we not been unchanging?

Never have we, the true crusaders of  the emperor,  faced such uncertainty, but we must  remain strong in our faith and our mission. Many of us have had our thoughts clouded by rumour, and there has been much wailing and gnashing of teeth. As a crusader I too have felt myself fall prey to my inner fears, fears that we shall lose our identity, and our power, through a coming change - possibly the greatest in our long history.

However, we must hold our heads up high and focus our thoughts.
Is it not true that the ONLY certainty in the galaxy is change?
Is it not true that any distraction itself causes us to shy away from our true calling, the smiting of our enemies?
Is it not true that we have long faced hardship caused by our unchanging ways, only to struggle on heroically in the pursuit of victory?

I entreat you brother - think back.

Did you become a battle-brother because you were attracted to the rigor of our ways, our values, our history and the purity of our cause?
I tell you REJOICE because these things cannot be taken away from us.

Did you become a crusader because you saw that our order of battle would lead to righteous victory?
I tell you REJOICE in the knowledge that we may find new strategies and tactics to destroy our enemies.

REJOICE also in that this change will lead to greater knowledge of our chapter. More Neophytes will join our cause, bringing with them new zeal to smite the foe. 
REJOICE that our crusades will have access to new tools with which to face the darkness, and extinguish the life and light in the eyes of the enemy.
...and finally, BE SAFE in the knowledge that whatever change we might face, we shall still experience the joy of friendship with others who share our mission...


...and of course, share our love of the tabletop wargaming!

The post above is prompted by the forthcoming release of the new Space Marine Codex for 40K, and in it (apparently) content for several different chapters - among them the Black Templars. 

This is a very different approach to the past for Black Templar players, as there had previously been a separate Codex that codified our rules. Being rolled into the new codex seems to have led to some unhappiness that the BT (or "Angry Mehreens") are being lessened in status. Most players had hoped that as the Templars had not had a new codex for many years there would be a separate one. 

I can understand the concerns and the frustration - no enthusiast likes to feel left out of a party, especially when they have committed a good deal of blood, sweat (and money) to a cause, but I see plenty of reasons to be positive, which you will likely have picked up above.

a.) New rules force us to move away from fossilized play styles - you might not like them, but the challenge itself is good isn't it?

b.) If the new codex gives us access to existing or new Marine weapons or tools, that is good from a modelling and army building point of view right? (I am NOT saying that lightly - I understand the financial implications of purchasing new units. However let's be honest, for better or worse this is a very expensive hobby and has been for some time. If you play this game you have already found some way to get the money, source the models, or kitbash them.)

Of course, it is easy for me to say this, as I am mainly a collector and painter (I don't get in a lot of games due to my location and other things), and I am a very recent recruit to the BT cause. In addition, I tend to purchase based on whether I like the fluff of an army, or the look of a model (hence my most recent purchase of two Predator tanks to bolster my BT army - even knowing that the new codex was coming out I think there is little chance that this iconic piece of kit will be retired).

Personally, I can't wait to see the new codex and find out what is in store for the Black Templars.
Worst case scenario? We lose a few iconic and characterful rules (OK, I bet some of you hate me now!) and our stats get worse (is that possible?) but that won't change why I love 40K:
-Great battles with moments to savor.
-Good banter with other players.
-The site of painted armies on the table.

Speaking of which, here is an updated photo of where my Black Templars chapter is right now (some units still WIP.) Hope you like them!

Land Raider - WIP

"Hi ho, Hi ho, it's off to smite we go!"

"Everybody go THAT way!"

Typhoons - WIP



  1. Nice looking horde and the prose is well written!

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