Here is a model list and some images of my Tau army. This was the first Warhammer army I ever painted. After the Tau, my next project was Skaven, which I wanted to try as a Horde army (and therefore a totally different experience from gaming with a Tau force.)

Model list:

Over time, I will add more photos and arrange them into units!

Commander and Ethereal
Pathfinders with Pathfinder Devilfish
Pathfinder Devilfish
Pathfinder Devilfish
Piranha Squadron
Piranha Wingleader
Tau Skyray Missile Defense system
Hammerhead Heavy Tank.
Stealth Suits
Stealth Suits
Crisis Suits
Crisis Suits.
Broadside Team leader
Crisis Suit with Twin Linked Burst Cannon
Kroot horde

Kroot Hounds
In battle against Blood ravens

"Found it" (Tau Riptide and Drone Recovery team)

Cadre Fireblade

XV95 Ghostkeel

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