Monday, October 28, 2013

Black Templars Chaplains!


My Black Templars army has been slowly expanding through my eagle-eye focus on eBay, but I have moved into a phase of picking up single models to boost the army, rather than larger units.

In addition to Marshal Helbrecht (recently completed, see here) recent crop of purchases just arrived over the last day or two, and I had the chance to look at them today. 

Reclusiarch Grimaldus and Servitors.

I like the Grimaldus model, and I was happy to see when the model showed up that it looked much better in reality than in the photos on eBay! I don't think Grimaldus himself really needs any highlighting or additional painting at all if I don't get around to it. 

The servitors might need a little bit of work, (maybe the bases and some highlighting) but they are fine for now and very much ready for the gaming table.

Impact on the game? In truth, Grimaldus is probably overpriced, but could be a lot of fun in a foot list or in a Land Raider crusader (where his buffs still work on units around the vehicle) AND as I am reading the Helsreach novel, he has the added attraction of just...being...awesome from a fluff point of view.

Chaplain with Jump Pack

This guy needs some work, but again, he is in a pretty good state! Some washes and highlighting on his purity seals and the various bits of cloth should do the trick (again, along with being properly based.)

Gaming wise, the (an) opinion seems to be that Chaplains in general are OK in small games. I thought he might be useful in a unit of 8 assault marines that I have. Perceived internet wisdom though is that Chaplains of any kind (especially the highly-priced Grimaldus) fail to compare to a generic Chapter Master as a good HQ choice.

As usual though, I don't play competitively, so can't wait to try them out!


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Finished Black Templar Land Speeders


Mmmmm, Typhoon missile launcher goodness!

Finally finished these four land speeders to the point where I am happy with them. They have been sitting for a while, especially as I got bored working on the white panels and it took me some time to get back into them...

Photos below, with a few more comments after that:

These Land Speeders were a good chance to try a couple of the weathering techniques that I have played around with on other models to date.
In particular, chips and general wear and tear on edges and surfaces, (something I tried first on my Tau Riptide) and also rust washes, which I previously tried on my Skaven warmachines for WFB.

I had some initial good luck when I first tried out Typhoon land speeders against Tyranids some moons ago, so I thought I would put together a squadron of 3 to have a krak at monstrous creatures and other nasties. The cannon version will be by itself, providing something else for my enemy to worry about as it zips around the battlefield...

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