The Clan is ever-growing, ever-changing, ever...

Below you will find troops, leaders and war-machines that are painted and ready for battle. Their ranks will swell as other verminous battalions are painted...

He who must be obeyed. (Scar Scath. Counts as Vermin Lord)

Nemo, the Grey Seer

Screaming Bell.

Queek Headtaker, of Clan Mors

Deathmaster Snikch

Warlord Squeek Vermintide

Warlock Engineer: Creak "Boom Boom" Vilekin
Warlock Engineer: Reek "Tetanus" Vilekin
Plague Priest: Pestilich Seep
Chieftain (Battle Standard Bearer) Faderife of Black Chasm

Goblin Slaves (x50) Tos Bonegibber's Ladz

Clanrats (x40) Creep Kraktooth's Kritters

Clanrats (x40) Sness Fellbite's Stabbers

Clanrats (x40) Pungnail's Plunderers

Warpfire Thrower: Arcling the Singed (and operator)

Poisoned Wind Mortar: Morstone the Fabricator (and operator)

Warpfire Thrower: Arcanishock the Warpsmith (and operator)

Rat Swarms (x2) Where they come from nobody knows!

Giant Rats (x12) - with Packmaster (maybe they ate him?)

Gutter Runners Group 1 (x10) Stab-Stab's Back-Stickers.

Gutter Runners Group 2 (x10) Stab-Stab's Back-Stickers. 

Plague Monks (x30) Led by Bringer of the Word Skrule The Decrepid

Rat Ogres (x6) with Master Moulder, Altamute the Twisted

Jezzail Unit, led by sharpshooter Twitch Sharpeye


Skaven Screaming Bell

Skaven Plague Furnace

Warp Lightning Cannon (manned-carefully- by Tinkerstone the Crisp) 
Doom Wheel (Pilot: Madcackle the Tinkerer)
The un-named. (Hell Pit Abomination)
Ol' Muck Spredda (Plagueclaw Catapult)

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