Saturday, September 14, 2013

Planning a Crusade...What are my Options?

"The boss" has arrived... the form of the High Marshal Helbrecht model that I snagged off ebay.
Definitely not the model I got off ebay!
Copyright Games Workshop

So now the question is, I am too impatient to wait to build up my army, so what kind of Black Templars fighting force can I put together? I thought I would ask the question to you, the experts, for your opinions.

1. I don't have any of the new SM: Codex models. (e.g. Centurions)
2. Everything I have collected to date fits in with the "Old" codex in terms of units and vehicles. e.g. I don't have any older  "regular" Space Marine units that can now be taken with Black Templars (Thunderfire Cannons, Flyers etc.)
3. I don't want to spend much more money - so if you build an army with the units listed below, but want to recommend a unit or two I don't have, please keep it at a unit or two!

Here is a list of the models I currently have (you can see most of them here, although the High Marshal didn't arrive in time for the family photo!) I have added links to photos that might help, but the photos weren't taken with grouping models together, so they are a bit mixed up.

I'm looking for a fun (fluffy, but with a chance of putting out some hurt) 1850-2000 point force to be used with friends, (so proxying is OK, and so is WYSIWIG)


x1 Helbrecht
x1 Emperor's Champion
x1 Chapter Master

x1Chaplain in Terminator armor

Command Squad x5)
(x5 models, including Apothecary and Company Champion. Unit has a Chapter Banner)

Honor Guard x5
(or, 5 models that could be used as HG)


(x2 with Thunder Hammer and shield, x3 with claws)

(with autocannon)


-including x2 missile launchers, x1 plasma x1 Flamer, x1 Melta Gun

Sword Brethren x5 

Neophytes x10
(6 with CC weapons, 4 with shotguns)

x3 Rhinos
(I also have kitbashed 
-optional x1 twin-linked heavy bolters
- and x1 twin-linked lascannon... I could make x2 of these Rhinos into x2 Razorbacks)

Fast Attack:

(4 with power swords, 2 with power axes)

x1 Landspeeder (with cannon)

Heavy Support

(TL Lascannons and Sponson Lascannons, but I have the sprues to replace the turret lascannons with cannons)
EDIT: x1 Whirlwind

Any thoughts, help or advice out there?



  1. We all know I'm a painter, not a gamer so my decision would be to buy as many of the most elaborate and expensive figures I could.

  2. Haha, thanks for the above advice...
    ...and I would follow it if I had any more cash to spend!
    I promised my significant other I wouldn't sell my kids into slavery to feed my habit (or her)hence my interest in seeing what kind of army I could get out of this!


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