Sunday, July 21, 2013

500 Points of Skaven and High Elves.


Enjoyed a quick game the other night at 500 points v. High Elves.

The idea was to just focus on the mechanics of the game so that my colleague could reacquaint himself with the mechanics of WFB and the 6th edition (after many years away).

Here are the two lists we used - both made to focus on core mechanics rather than competitiveness (e.g. only wizards as level 1, a mix of troop types, no magic items etc.) Photos after that.

High Elves: (500 Pts)

x1 Mage - General
      1 Talisman of Protection

x15 Archers

x5 Sword Masters of Hoeth 

x15 Spearmen

Skaven: (500 Pts)

 Chieftain with Shield and Halberd - General

Warlock Engineer - Level 1 Wizard

x20 Clanrats  with Full command and shields

     + 1 Poisoned Wind Mortar Weapon Team

x20 Clanrats with Full command and shields

x30 Skavenslaves 

 x10 Giant Rats and 1 Packmaster 

After rolling for spells (HE got "Soul Quench" - which sounds like a depressing energy drink to me - and the Skaven stuck with warplightning) we went to war!

The High Elf central position

The Skaven advance
High Elf shooting starts to take a toll...

A unit of slaves and Giant Rats heads up one flank...
The Swordmasters rally...
...and so did the Mage and Archers after they later fled...
After easily seeing off the Slaves (the mage had reduced the entire Giant Rats
 unit to ash in one turn) the spearmen turn around, but can't make it back to the
main battle.
Usual Skaven happenings:
a.) initial excellent performance by the poison-wind mortar killed half the unit of archers in one go, only to see a misfire on the next turn where he poisoned himself...(a two model unit with 1 wound...'nuff said)
b.) a x30 Skaven unit bounced-off the spearmen without doing anything.
c.) The other x30 Skaven unit (with the warlock engineer) chose to flee from a charge - and didn't stop fleeing! I'd only had the chance to try warplightning once or twice (but one of those took out half the small unit of Swordmasters)

Rules questions:
1.) Can Wizards cast magic after rallying? (I now think that the answer is "yes")
2.) Does the new H.E. rule "Martial Prowess" also allow a unit with the rule that is attacked in the flank to fight in TWO ranks, rather than just the usual one? (I think the answer is yes, as there is nothing stated about this?)

Sadly, this was a mega victory for the High Elves, as by the end of the game most of my units had left the table. There was definitely a "Man of the Match" though, and that was the lone Swordmaster who refused to flee in the face of a unit of clanrats, and managed to hold his ground!

The game was full of the usual Skaven surprises though, and I probably nearly made the game equal because at the end of turn five x3 HE units were running for the table edge, only for them ALL to rally at the beginning of turn 6.

Thanks to my opponent for a fun game!


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