Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Clanrats Update - Part 2


Well, here is my progress today on my 40 latest Clanrats. Yesterday I managed to get the skin done with Tallarn Flesh, so today I decided to get the fur done. To do that I sat down for a couple of hours with my good friends:
  • Vermin Brown
  • Bestial Brown
  • Calthan Brown
Pretty exciting colours huh? To provide some colour variation in the unit I used a different brown for every 10 or so Skaven. This was actually pretty fast because on the Island of Blood Skaven, as there isn't actually that much fur at all! It was very easy to do compared to the Tallarn Flesh on the arms, legs and tails.

After doing the fur, I quickly wet-brushed the sand on the base with Calthan Brown.

Here is where I got to...

You can see the bases pretty clearly here (Calthan Brown)

Vermin Brown, Bestial Brown, Calthan Brown on arms, faces.

Tomorrow, maybe I'll take a break from browns - Boltgun Metal anyone?

*Squeek out...*

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