Friday, April 29, 2011

Clanrats update - bases.


Due to the royal wedding (or actually, the drinking that accompanied the royal wedding) I didn't get too much done tonight in modeling terms.

But I did manage to spend 30-45 minutes or so magnetizing all 40 of the Clanrats in my latest unit. Due to the fact that I have done this several times now I was able to get it done pretty quickly and the results seem satisfactory. The magnetic sheet I use isn't too strong, but it still allows me to hold the unit just about perpendicular to the table without the whole lot falling off.

There are a ton of ways of doing this, but I have stuck with the way that I find pretty simple, which is cutting to size very cheap magnetic sheet and gluing it to the bottom of each model. I then put down some sheet on the movement tray using double-sided sticky tape.

You can find a full guide to painting and magnetizing movement trays here.

Pretty easy, but not entirely without problems - it is sometimes difficult to get the units to rank up perfectly due to the magnetism of the sheets - but it is very cheap!

In the next couple of days I hope to finish off some of the detailing on my Screaming Bell and then get to work on my Hell Pit Abomination (will I get it finished before my next game on Wednesday?)

Until then...


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