Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Screaming Bell Project Update...


So nearly, nearly there...

Pics below, but still got to do:
  • Final drybrushing (wood, metals etc.)
  • Detail washes (rust, patina etc.)
  • Base details (plants etc.)
Here is where we are now...

I managed to get enough painted to use this bell in battle for the first time last weekend. I didn't have the Grey Seer painted at that time, so I mounted my regular Grey Seer on the front and actually it looked fine.

Any constructive feedback or criticism is welcome of course!




  1. Great looking stuff dude, you've done really well on such a large centre piece.

  2. My God Squeek, That looks friggin amazing! I keep on postponing ordering one myself, as it is indeed a 'masterpiece'. (O.O) Its totally awesome, I'm looking forward to a detailed painting scheme ^^.

    Thumbs up!


  3. Thanks for the comments!
    I'm happy with how it is so far, but still have some finishing up to do. I think it needs some (or actually, ALOT!) of rust and some discoloration (patina) on the bronze fittings.

    Now that I have FINALLY posted a new Clanrats "How to" my next goal is to do a post on a simple conversion that keeps this kit usable easily as either a Plague Furnace or a Screaming Bell.




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