Monday, April 11, 2011

New Clanrats Update - Part 5!


Nearly there I think! Finally got to the end of applying the base colours...(I think!?)
  • Dwarf Bronze details on helmets/ armour.
  • Snakebite leather on belts.
  • Bleached bone on teeth and nails and bandages
  • Calthan Brown - spear hafts and drybrushed on shields.

Unfortunately, the weekend is over, so I have to stop, but I reckon I can have these guys done in one or two more sittings...
Next sitting: Washes with Ogryn Flesh, Devlan Mud and Gryphonne Sepia.
Final sitting: Highlights/ drybrushing/ tidying up bases...

The end is in sight!



  1. Hello Squeek,

    Good result for one weekend:)
    I have still 40 clanrats waiting in their box
    for painting...

    And I need slaves, I only have four of them
    at the moment, but they will come soon...



  2. Hey Tis. I'm just going to keep at it until they are done, which should hopefully be this week!
    I am going to use the "Old" (previous generation) of Clanrats as my slaves once I get enough of the "New Style" Clanrats. Easy to find on E-Bay at the moment and usually pretty cheap. I have 30 of these painted up so far and another 30 still to do. Of course, they will be IF I survive the unit of 40 clanrats I am working on at the moment...

    Take it easy and thanks for the comment,


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