Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Project - Screeeeeaming Bell!

Something (my little voices tell me) no self respecting warlord should be without. Having stolen a load of fungus from a nearby Goblin Clan and then re-sold it back to them at a higher price, I used my profits to order this moving monument to the Great Horned One many moons ago...

...and since then it has sat on the shelf, undercoated and waiting to see the light of day.

One thing I should say is that at the time I put it together, I decided to spare some thinking power to the challenge of how to ensure that I could use it as both a Screaming Bell and a Plague Furnace. I came up with a (relatively) simple bodge that means it is easy to swap between the two configurations. 

When I write up the step-by-step guide I'll post instructions.  

In the meantime, here are some pics of the model, basecoated and ready to receive washes.

Main carriage.


Bell. (Dwarf Bronze and Mithril Silver)

Plague Furnace

Top of Plague Furnace

Modification to allow dual-use.

Wheels. Calthan Brown and Vermin Brown

Bell supports

Main carriage detail.
 I don't actually think I will have this finished in time for Sunday's game, but I should be almost there. Of course I will still have to do the crew even when I finish the main piece. (Rat Ogre, Grey Seer and Plague Monks.)



  1. OMG...

    The bell of DOOM:D

    Nice trick, to make it usable as the Screaming
    bell aswell the Plage furnace...



  2. Hi! I am nearly done with the Screaming Bell painting (another hour or two of highlights, basing and general tidying up etc.) After that I should be able to post some info on it - and the conversion.
    I used the bell on the battlefield yesterday for the first time and it went ok!


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