Saturday, April 28, 2012

Next painting project. Which models?


With the High Elf archers nearly done, last night I delved into my stash of High Elves to try and select my next projects ahead of time.

I'm constrained by some key principles in what I should choose next.

  • I only have core painted at the moment (20 Spearmen, 20 archers) so I need to fill the other slots.
  • I have only 3 weeks of painting time  (weeknights only, approx 2 hours a night.)
  • The army should be legal and ready to play at 1000-2000 points

I picked out the following as possible:
X8 Silver Helms. (Special.)

X2 Mages. (Heros)

X2 Repeating bolt throwers. (Rare.)

X2 Great Eagles. (Rare)  I think these are older metal Citadel Direct models?

Note: I am perfectly happy to paint just one model where there are 2 available if it would reduce the amount of painting but still give me a legal army e.g. Mages. My logic for the list above was simply that these are relatively low numbers of models. (NB. I am not well known for my logic.

Before you ask, I avoided the following:
  1. Sword Masters of Hoeth x10 (Special) I am really on the fence about these guys as they are so badass and they look relatively easy to do.
  2. Dragon Princes x5 (Special) Looked very fiddly...and worthy of not rushing too much.
  3. Elyrian Reavers x5 (special) great models, but again very detailed...
  4. White Lions of Chrace x15-20 (special) too many and I already have infantry.
  5. Lothern Seaguard x10 (Core) already have infantry and they look very fiddly...
  6. Chariot x1 (special) nice to have, but not essential.
  7. Teclis (too powerful at these points?)
  8. Dragon with mage (ditto, and would take too long too paint.)
The one thing I am not sure how to cover is the need for a battle standard bearer...
If essential I will have to rummage around.

Can anyone who knows High Elves well point me in a particular direction or let me know what they think of my ideas above?




  1. Of all of the above, the easiest to paint are the Swordmasters, so if time is the limiting factor, I'd go with them. Not to mention that they're dead killy n'stuff too.

    Otherwise the bolt throwers are pretty easy to do quickly too and come up looking good - and they'll give your opponent some artillery to counter all that warpstone fired stuff you'll be throwing their way.

    1. Yeah, after thinking about this a bit more I reckon I probably could knock out 10 "Slice masters of Hoeth" fairly quickly just because their armour is pretty simple...
      ...and they do an awful lot of slicing even when in these smaller numbers.
      I'm divided on the Silver Helms. Eight may be just too ambitious, but I reckon I need cavalry and the reavers just really do look too complex.
      Reckoning that the bolt throwers would be the least controversial choice here I put those together today!
      Thanks for the advice.

  2. The old metal White Lions are easy to paint - and the Champion would make a decent stand in BSB figure in the interim. The new White Lions are fiddly. At your points level you are going to need RBT's and honestly High Elf players dont field them much anymore. Do the mages and then the Eagles as HE armies include this almost as a rule.

    1. Thanks for the input and advice. I'm going to rummage through the White Lions tonight and have a look - I think that I will definitely do an RBT since they are so iconic, and an eagle too. I have never played with or against HEs but I understand that eagles are pretty essential for harassing enemy war machines and supporting attacks etc. I think it is all about the order I paint them in now!
      Thanks for taking the times to comment,

  3. Not sure about painting times as that is too largely based on technique used and time spent but for usefulness in any lists I can't recommend those Great Eagles enough, they are the best charge blockers and flank protection in WHFP atm and are worth the points in any lists.

    1. Thanks Dyslexicon. I reckon the Eagles HAVE to be done. Not only for their all around usefulness...
      ...but also because they are a cool model!
      I hope to get at least one done!


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