Friday, April 20, 2012

High Elf Archers Update #4

Well I have been managing a couple of hours a night on these guys this week so these updates are coming pretty fast. This may be my last update in a while though due to a busy work week coming up...

Last night I got four things done across the whole unit.
  1. Another layer of Skull White on the top half of the robes.
  2. Some tidying up of lines between shoulders, robes etc for neatness.
  3. A layer of Liche Purple/ Warlock Purple mix. (70/30)
  4. A second layer of Liche Purple/ Warlock Purple mix. (50/50)

 Next time should see a final lighter layer of Warlock Purple, and then on to layers on the skin and leathers. That will be capped off with detailing (Gems etc), more highlights and then final basing.
It feels like the end is in sight! Some photos below. (I'm uploading this from the subway via Blogger Mobile, so image quality may be poor...)



  1. They're looking great! I'm really taken by the warlock purple getting layered against the liche, really makes the colour pop.

    1. Cheers - glad you like them.
      I will post some photos of the next layer in a bit!


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