Saturday, April 21, 2012

High Elf Archers Update #5


As planned earlier in the day, I got home and put in a couple more hours on the High Elf Archers. 

More info after the photos...
(Due to this being a  "Secret birthday gift" for my kids I can't take photos during the day so these haven't come out well - and as I am trying to rush a few snaps late at night I haven't setup any decent lighting.)

Standard Bearer

Archer (Rank and File)
Building on the layers done yesterday, I added a layer of pure Warlock Purple to the purple robes across all 20 members of the unit. I also started to layer up the unit standard as well. This final layer really makes the unit brighter! (Almost too psychedelic, but hey, it's my kid's favorite colour!)

I have to say that it usually takes a week to do a Clanrat unit of about 40 models, so the amount of time it is taking me to do these guys has surprised me. I think the main reasons are:

  1. The Skull White robes. I should definitely pick up some Ceramite White if it provides full cover in only one layer (but I am worried if that will mean the rest of the army will look slightly different from the archers and spearmen I have already done.)
  2. The details. Put together the headbands, belts, details on the bows and quivers etc and it adds up!
The good news is that I feel the robes and cloth are now done and I can move onto other areas.

Still to do:
  • Gems.
  • Drybrushing/ Highlights on everything. (Leather, skin etc.)
  • Static grass
  • Eyes (I HATE doing eyes, but hopefully it will get easier with practice.)
  • Unit logo on the battle standard
  • Movement tray
With a busy work schedule coming up I doubt I will get any painting done for another week or so now, so this may be my last update for a while...



p.s. I don't know how you like to relax while painting, but for me it is usually listening to documentaries. From this week I can recommend The Roman War Machine series. I am not always a big fan of the History Channel, but I love the way these re-enactors are so into their roles...

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