Monday, April 30, 2012

High Elf Archers Update #6

Got back from a day out yesterday in Tokyo and did some work on the Archers. 
"Golden Week" is just beginning in Japan, so a lot of people have left Tokyo for their hometowns...
... it was still a bit crowded, but Asakusa was still a great place to visit.

The previous night I had put some static grass across the bases, and last night I did most of the gems in one sitting. For the sake of simplicity I did the whole lot as green gems, using the usual technique:

  1. Dark Angels Green.
  2. Snot Green highlights.
  3. Snot Green/ Skull White highlights (70/30)
  4. Snot Green/ Skull White highlights (50/50)
  5. Pure Skull White spots at the top of each gem.
This morning I took a couple of quick snaps when my kids were taking the rubbish out. I only had a few minutes so I didn't set them up properly, but I hope they give you the idea (yeah, the kitchen table-cloth is a bit garish I know...)

In reality, they look a bit better than this because these photos are taken way too close! (Even if I do say so myself...cough! cough!) From a couple of feet away the unit seems to "come together" a bit more because the eye can't pick out all the problems. This is a key point if you are working on something that is for the "Tabletop" and don't have much experience with a particular unit or are new to painting. Often you can get half-way through a unit and get a bit depressed by all the little errors and problems on individual models, but remember, these will "disappear" into the unit when you have them next to each other, ranked-up, and based.

Still to do:
- Eyes
- Metallic highlights (swords, buckles, instruments etc.)


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