Thursday, April 12, 2012

High Elf Archers Update #1


It seems to be pretty much High Elves around here at the moment! Over the last few nights I have managed to get several basecoats on this unit of High Elf archers. I seem to get x1 basecoat down on the whole unit of twenty in one sitting (about 2 hours). 

I am sticking with the Purple army theme (I really hope my kid wasn't joking about purple being their favorite colour, otherwise this could be the worst birthday surprise ever...) 

So far:
  • Codex Grey: Robes (Will be White later.)
  • Tallarn Flesh: Skin
  • Liche Purple: Robes
  • Calthan Brown: Bows (will receive Snakebite leather on top later.) and overbrush on base.
  • Snakebite Leather: Belts and overbrush on base.
Next will be hair and/ or probably Snakebite Leather on the bow, followed by Chainmail or Shining Silver for details etc.

And finally, I am actually managing to get some Warhammer in this weekend! Tau v. Orks or 'Nids at 2,000 points or so. So once again, no WFB...

...but I'll get in a game at some point (my 40K opponent has literally no interest in Fantasy at all.


p.s. Bought Game of Thrones on DVD. Much better than I thought it would be. I have read the books but am really enjoying the show because it is much more concise. Good acting too. I have ripped it and loaded it on my Android tablet - I don't even notice the commute to work and am totally oblivious to my crowded Tokyo trains. 


  1. Looking good. Will be nice to see the whole army when its finished. I am sure your kid will love it.
    Game of Thrones is good, I really need to pick it up at some point to watch again, with out adverts disturbing it like on TV.
    Once you are done with that I would suggest The Big Bang Theory as a commute/hobbying watch, really good program and it is what I am currently watching whilst painting.

    1. Thanks for the advice on what to watch! I am already sad that I only have two more episodes to go on season one and then months until season 2 is on DVD...
      ...interested in the big bang now thanks to your recommendation. When painting I really like to listen to documentaries on the web.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks mate! It is going ok...hope to pick up the new white soon to make it go a bit faster...
      (and you are right about the colours. I've been dropping in your blog regularly to keep me going by getting an idea for what it might end up looking like!


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