Thursday, April 12, 2012

High Elf Archers Update #1


It seems to be pretty much High Elves around here at the moment! Over the last few nights I have managed to get several basecoats on this unit of High Elf archers. I seem to get x1 basecoat down on the whole unit of twenty in one sitting (about 2 hours). 

I am sticking with the Purple army theme (I really hope my kid wasn't joking about purple being their favorite colour, otherwise this could be the worst birthday surprise ever...) 

So far:
  • Codex Grey: Robes (Will be White later.)
  • Tallarn Flesh: Skin
  • Liche Purple: Robes
  • Calthan Brown: Bows (will receive Snakebite leather on top later.) and overbrush on base.
  • Snakebite Leather: Belts and overbrush on base.
Next will be hair and/ or probably Snakebite Leather on the bow, followed by Chainmail or Shining Silver for details etc.

And finally, I am actually managing to get some Warhammer in this weekend! Tau v. Orks or 'Nids at 2,000 points or so. So once again, no WFB...

...but I'll get in a game at some point (my 40K opponent has literally no interest in Fantasy at all.


p.s. Bought Game of Thrones on DVD. Much better than I thought it would be. I have read the books but am really enjoying the show because it is much more concise. Good acting too. I have ripped it and loaded it on my Android tablet - I don't even notice the commute to work and am totally oblivious to my crowded Tokyo trains. 

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