Tuesday, April 17, 2012

High Elf Archers Update #2


 Just time tonight for a quick update on my High Elf archers.

In update #1 I had managed to get a few base coats down. Over the weekend I finished up the remaining basecoats, and then got started on some washes.

  • Armour, swords, clasps and logos and details on bow cases: Mithril Silver
  • Decoration on bow staves: Mithril Silver
  • Bow staves/ quivers: Bleached Bone
  • Hair: Sunburst Yellow, Calthan Brown, Vermin Brown
  • Boots: Snakebite Leather
  • Musician's horn: Dwarf Bronze
  • Robes: Liche Purple/ Badab Black (2:1 mix) painted into the folds.
  • Skin: Ogryn Flesh
  • Hair: Gryphonne Sepia
  • Quiver: Gryphonne Sepia
  • Feathered crests: Gryphonne Sepia
  • Leather belt (on chest): Gryphonne Sepia followed by Badab Black
  • Silver details on Box: Gryphonne Sepia (around the silvered details on the handle and tips)
  • Base: Badab Black
  • Swords: Badab Black
So, next will be layers/ highlights and drybrushing. The single thing that I think will take the most time will be layers of Skull White on the robes (I don't have time to pick up any Ceramite White from GW that will speed this up.)

Hopefully the next update will see these done! More images below:


p.s Sorry the image quality isn't great. 


  1. Ever considered painting one mode into showcase quality?

  2. No!
    I just wouldn't know what to do differently. I have never tried any of the advanced techniques used by the pros. I have models that I think came out well such as my Stormvermin champion or Snikch, but there is no way those would be "showcase"!


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