Friday, April 6, 2012

High Elf Spearmen - Finished


No commentary tonight as I have to get up soon for work...

...but I think I have these guys to a point where they are good to go! 

OK, the tray obviously isn't done, and the banner came out too "Druchii", but overall for my first High Elves I am quite satisfied!



  1. Looking awesome, your son should be very pleased with them - at least until they are crushed underneath the paws of your storm vermin...

  2. They look fantastic - the purple highlighting works and I really like the banner.

    1. Thanks!

      I happy with the contrast on the banner. However I think the lesson learned here for me is that for future banners it would be better to have far greater coverage of the Liche Purple/ Warlock Purple (lighter) mix, with the darker purple greatly reduced.

      That would create a much stronger tie-in with the lighter purple that I have done on the robes and shields etc.
      Looking again today it definitely feels that these guys have picked up a Dark Elf banner in battle (and lost their own?)

      Also, the freehand HE icon came out OK, but it is lost in a banner this size. I'd either do it larger OR will add something else below it. I am thinking a symbolic constellation (several white stars joined by lines)because this would be quite striking but easy to do.

  3. Nice HE. Are you looking forward to duel with your kids? I have a sister below 10 always wants to hold my skaven miniature on her hand. Was thinking to buy some miniature for her but couldn't think of any models are kid-friendly for painting as warhammer models are quite hard to paint.

    BTW where did you get the gem painting technique from? Searched through the internet but couldn't find the same method of yours

    1. Thanks for the compliment! I am looking forward to having a battle with my kids at some point. Right now they are too young to get all the rules, but I think the first step is just enjoy something together as a family. Perhaps in the end they won't be interested, but I hope that isn't the case... for painting, I think around 10 is old enough to do SOME kinds of painting. For example, a basecoat on a fairly smooth model (e.g. Plague Monk robes.)I think that kids just enjoy helping out with this kind of thing - even if it is just doing base edges.

      I first started doing lenses because of Tau vehicles and found a good tutorial on ATT (Advanced Tau Tactica - an awesome site).

      Since then I have messed around a bit after a lot of reading and ended up with what you see - none of this is mine! White Dwarf no. 370 (October 2010) has quite a detailed article on HEs and painting Prince Althran in particular. P.78 has a special section on gems that looks super nice ('Eavy Metal quality).
      The old "How to Paint Citadel Miniatures" book has a simple method (p.76, in the Eldar painting section)
      All of the above look more "realistic" than mine I think.

      For the green HE gems above I think it went like this:
      -Dark Angels Green.
      -Dark Angels Green/ Snot Green (1:1)
      -Snot Green
      -Snot Green/ Skull White (2:1)
      -Snot Green/ Skull White (1:2)

      Additional places to try:

      Hope that is useful to you Paradex!
      Thanks for visiting The Chattering Horde!

    2. Thanks for the tip! Your blog has been very helpful to me since I have started warhammer skaven. Have bought the army deal recently which have the bell/furnace and warplightning/catapult included. some of your article have the conversion for dual use so it saved me the dilema to consider which build to turn into.

      Oh, and whenever I search for skaven article, your blog always shows up. Not sure because of your regular update or popular search result.

      Anyways, very happy to stumble upon your blog that have kept me entertained.

    3. Absolute pleasure to be of help!
      I just posted a (long!) guide to painting Stormvermin, (and updated the list of links on the top right of the page) and I hope that you will find that useful too if you ever get some of them. (I think they are almost the best looking models the Skaven have.)
      Thanks for your support and kind words - comments like that make the whole blog worthwhile!
      Thanks again,


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