Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Skaven Vermin Lord/ Scar-Scath finished. (Pics)

"For but a brief instant following its appearance, the meeting went completely silent and still (unheard of in any gathering of Skaven, let alone where so many warlords and their egos were present),following that, the only movement was a barely controlled twitching of whiskers and shivering of collective fear. 

Not a sound, neither skittering of claw nor click of yellowed teeth,could be heard. Even loyal wolf-rats become momentarily immobile despite the musk of fear hanging heavy in the air. Loyal guards without the chamber, usually so alert to such scents and signs of trouble within and ready to take up arms, held still, lest whatever had come into being should deign to notice them.

Where but a moment ago Warlord Rentnail had preened and puffed his chest the attendees could see but little. Only a charred and smouldering pile of rags and a glint of the jewelry he had favoured, now melted and fused with charred bone, remained to show he had even been there. (Unusually, none made a move to scavenge such useful - if gore-covered - resources) 

The Vermin Lord cast his burning gaze around the room. Fixing in place all present, the red pits of his eyes effortlessly quelled even that most primeval Skaven impulse - flight before overwhelming power.

"Yes, yes warlords,now hear-listen the word of the 13 and obey" 

Thus spake Grey Seer Riknit. 

Alone among them in gathering his wits, he was determined to take advantage of this silence among his audience to unveil his grand plans to unite them, however briefly, in attacking the hated man-thing citadel to the South. Though his scheme would be somewhat affected by the loss of the ever-impressible Rentnail, the Grey Seer knew that it would be only a matter of moments before a new leader arose to fill that position of leadership...

More troubling was that despite appearances, (and unknown to his audience) it was not he who had not summoned this embodiment of the Great Horned One...
...and if not he, then who? 
...and of even greater concern...


Tonight I nearly finished-up Scar-Scath, Fiend of Vermin (my "counts as" Vermin Lord).

Some photos:

All comments and criticism welcome! Hopefully I will have some time to post more pics and a proper write-up soon.

Thanks for coming by!


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