Sunday, January 29, 2012

Painting update: Scar-Scath


After finishing Queek Headtaker and Deathmaster Snikch, I decided to stay on single models rather than units. To that end, I finally turned to the 800lb gorilla on my shelf...

...Scar-Scath, Fiend of Vermin.
Copyright Maelstrom Games.
Part of the BaneBeasts range over at Maelstrom, I thought it would be pretty cool to use him as a Vermin Lord (I'm not a big fan of the GW VL model.) I got him ages ago and never got around to him. To be honest, as a beginner, I found the thought of working with my first resin and a larger model (which would show all my mistakes ...) to be a bit intimidating.

To make things a bit easier on myself I am doing the model and base separately (the detail on the base would be very difficult to reach with Scar in the way.)


Before priming the whole thing, I got Scar in the position that I wanted and held him in place with Blu-tack. While still blu-tacked, I then primed with Citadel Chaos Black spray. After it was dry I carefully separated the model from the base and peeled off the Blu-Tack. This left me with an unprimed area. This is useful because I know exactly where to glue in the future and also because I think my glue will work better on an unprimed surface.

Microart Studios Base.
Microart Studios has a great range of bases. I have one of their Ancient Bases 50x50mm parts that Maelstrom sent me (to replace the missing Scar-Scath base that should have come with the kit.)

Colours I am using:
  • Codex Grey: Flagstones
  • Bleached Bone: statue, columns
  • Knarloc Green: leaves
  • Calthan Brown: branches/ roots
  • Snakebite Leather:  Base edge

I also had time to do the washes:
  • Gryphonne Sepia: statue, columns
  • Thraka Green: leaves
  • Devlan Mud: flagstones

On reflection I think I should have used Deneb Stone for the columns and statue as they currently look very yellow. I'm hoping though that layering using a Deneb Stone/ Bleached Bone should build up to a lighter overall shade and correct that. Topping it off with a nearly white drybrush will also (fingers-crossed!) help.

One thing I have learned (and still try to remember when being critical midway through painting something) is not to judge a piece until it is finished. (Often everything comes together right at the end and looks better than you think!)

On Scar himself, I went with a very basic set of basecoat colours:

  • Tallarn Flesh: Skin
  • Boltgun Metal: Weapon
  • Snakebite Leather: Belt, weapon grip
  • Calthan Brown and Bestial Brown: Fur
  • Bleached Bone: rags/ wraps, nails, bone skulls, bone ornaments
  • Dark Angels Green: Warpstone chunk. (OK, it isn't really warpstone, but I think I can make it look close for a thematic tie-in! )

These are basically the same colours I use on my clanrats.

  • Devlan Mud: metal, fur, rags/ wraps.
  • Ogryn Flesh: Skin, hands etc.

The next stage, layering, is going to be a big challenge for two reasons:
  1. Getting the colours right on the stone/ statuary on the base.
  2. Layering those large areas of skin on Scar.

I will try to post another update later this week. Wish me luck!



p.s. Super-quick additional photo update - pretty much got the layering and highlights done on the base...


  1. base is looking epic.
    Scar-Scath is quite the model, nice choice for a Vermin Lord.
    I quite like the Forgeworld Vermin Lord, just the usual cost as the main put-off ;-)

  2. Loving that base, can't wait to see Scar finished up. Nice work!


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