Saturday, January 21, 2012

More filin' n' cuttin'. Goblin Skaven slaves update 2


So yesterday I started to put together a unit of Goblin Skaven slaves. These gobbo spearman models came from the 4th edition starter set (thanks for the info yesterday Ian!) As I discovered after a days work, they still all looked too uniform due to the static poses.

After sleeping on this problem, I decided today to reduce the number of spears. 
Firstly, I thought that would make them look immediately less uniform. 
Secondly, this would allow me to do more conversions from the bits box with handweapons. Finally, I reckon this would be more in keeping with slaves too.

So here they are after 3 rounds of choppin' and changin'. (Sorry the pics aren't great.)

1. As assembled. Facing diagonally.
2. At the end of day 1. Too many spears!
3. More hand-weapons, less spears.
Overall I think it had worked. The unit feels more rag-tag (at least compared to yesterday). What do you reckon? (Sorry the pics aren't great)

In addition to filing each and every single gobbo head smooth (!) I also spent some more time on individual conversions in the hope that this would give the unit more character and break up the outline if the unit as a whole.
Gobin wiv' special headgear.
'ome made spearrgghh
nice for cuttin' and choppins.
no cleva capshun ere.
Wiv man-trap.
curly-wurly blade.
big choppa
Although I am no great modeler, I am actually quite happy with one or two of them as I think have taken on a character of their own.

I reckon that with the addition of some rats to bases and shoulders I should be done and ready to start adding texture to the bases, and then move onto priming. To take a break I will then go back to Snikch and Queek. (Snikch has some washes on now, so I should finish him tomorrow.)


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