Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Update - First Clanrat unit!

Just a quick update before dinner!

I finished my first 30 Clanrats to a standard good enough to use on a gaming table! (I think!)

This is my first full unit, and so I am really going to have to come back and take a proper look at these later to answer some questions.

For example, does the Ice Blue unit colour work? Since the first 15 models that I painted there was feedback that the colour is too bright to be very Skaven-like (you know, when they are sneaking around etc.) and I think I agree. However, for the last 15 that I did I didn't add any highlighting or drybrushing after a wash of Devlan Brown, so the colours are muted. (In the second picture, compare the Ice Blue cowls of the troops in the 3 rows on the left to see the difference.)

Also, if I am honest with myself, the second batch of fifteen isn't actually finished. If you look closely you can see that as well as not doing any drybrushing after the wash I haven't added any extra colours - on the tails there are no "Dwarf Flesh" highlights for example in the 3 rows at left. With half the unit done like this and half done "properly" it does speed things up, but does it look OK? I'm going to leave it for a while and see if I can resist the urge to get in there and tidy things up...

I'll come back to these questions when I have a bit more time, but here are the next ten that I have lined up!

Plague Monks!

Even after just 30 Clanrats, I'm sure any Skaven Warlord reading this will agree a commander needs a break from painting the same troop type right?

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