Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Plague Monk Painting Update...


I haven't updated the site for a few days - my role as a corporate (Skaven) slave has kept me busy - but here are a few pictures of the unit of Plague Monks I have been working on and a quick update...

They aren't finished yet as I'm about halfway through the painting process. I have added most of the basic colours and have started to do some of the detailing (belts, weapons, bandages etc.) but haven't started doing highlights, drybrushing, washes or bases etc.

At this point, I'm in two minds about the colour of the robes, which consists of a 1:1 Knarloc Green/ Codex Grey mix. I think it is quite a "good" green for plague monks and it fits in with their theme, but overall it is just a bit too close to a standard Knarloc Green to be interesting. I'm hoping that the following might all magically combine to dilute the current "sameness" of the green and make the overall unit look more interesting.
...some washes of Devlan Mud or Thraka Green
...some highlighting
...a decent unit-banner (which may be a total failure as I have never done a banner before!)
...some variety provided by the different colours from some Plague Censer Bearers I am working on.

More updates to come soon!


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