Thursday, June 24, 2010

Blog Redesign.


I've posted quite a few step-by-step guides to the minis I have painted recently, and now that these are (slowly...) increasing in number I felt it was worth making them more prominent and easier to find.

So, take a look to the right...

...and hopefully you'll see "Squeek's Skaven Painting Guides".

Each is a direct link to a page outlining the steps that I took to paint the model. A few important things to mention here:
  • I'm not posting these guides or pics because I think I'm any good! I'm posting this to experiment with writing a blog and to keep myself motivated for painting all those Skaven units.
  • The only reason for I use all GW paints is that I live near a Hobby Center and have never really looked into any others.
  • I don't write down the painting process as I paint. This means that each step-by-step is written up later and from memory - and as my friends (and wife) would tell you, my memory is really, really bad - the guide might not be exact in terms of the order or paints used etc. (But it should give you the general idea.)


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