Saturday, May 21, 2016

Vampire Counts or Frostgrave Necromancer

A quick hobby update today on a recently completed model, a Vampire Counts Necromancer from Games Workshop.

I don't currently have a Vampire Counts army, so this may seem like an odd model for me! However I recently visited Games Workshop in Tokyo with a view to seeing if there were any models that would serve in games of Frostgrave, and this fellow fits the bill. He could be used as an NPC creature/ Vampire, or as a Necromancer Wizard or apprentice.

He is quite a simple model to paint.
Servants of darkness in a fantasy setting tend to be outfitted in muted colours (Here a dark red and black) and if you stick to that idea it keeps things easy. Other than two main colours (black and red), the only others you really need are a brown and a bone/ skull, as well as some flesh tones.

I said I don't have a Vampire Counts army, but I do have some Tomb Kings that I started putting together. Both to keep the possibility open of using this guy with them in Age of Sigmar, (and as a possible Necromancy-themed warband in Frostgrave) I used the same red. As a reference, here are some of the Tomb Kings. I think they will go together nicely:

Writing this post is motivating me to do some more bits and bobs on my scratch-build graveyard this weekend...


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