Sunday, May 22, 2016

Update - Garden of the Damned

After yesterday's Necromancer update, I started today determined to do more on my scratch-built graveyard. I originally got going on this as I thought it would be useful for Frostgrave or Warhammer, and also because my local GW didn't have a Garden of Morr in stock (which is a lovely looking terrain piece - in a depressing, haunted, sort of way!)

Here's what I did (and then more photos):

  1. Very quick and dirty Russ Grey drybrush on gravestones.
  2. Made metallic railings from cocktail sticks:
    • Grabbed 30 cocktail sticks from the kitchen drawer...
    • Painted cocktail sticks with Leadbelcher (metallic).
    • Clipped off sharp ends of cocktail sticks (Approx 5mm - don't throw them away!)
    • Poked post holes into the board (to seat the railings.)
    • Made a rust wash
    • Painted rust wash then Drybrush Ryza Rust.
    • Filled post holes with glue and then pushed the cocktail sticks into the holes.
  3. Took the sharp end of the cocktail sticks and glued them to the top of the tomb before adding more rust. 
  4. Said "Voila" and had lunch.
There is actually a bit more I'd like to do, like add some dry grass effects, and maybe some details (skeletal hands coming out of the ground?). Also, the railings look weird without cross pieces, but for now, here come the undead!


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