Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Hobby Update - More "Garden of the Damned" details

Yesterday I shared some work I'd done on a graveyard over the weekend, which I'm calling "The Garden of the Damned". This evening I did a little bit more to it, but with just a little work on some details I think it looks a lot better.
So what did I do?

1. Dry grass. A few tufts of dry grass effect, pushed into watered-down PVA glue. Simple but looks good! (In the example below, note that the glue isn't dry yet, but it will dry clear.)
Tufts of dry grass added to the tomb.

2. Horizontal rails added to the railings. The railings look a lot better and more authentic now compared to just having the posts. I haven't added rust to these yet, but they will blend in once I have.
Cross pieces added to railings (foreground)
3. "Freshly" laid graves. I sprinkled some dark brown flock with a little green onto some PVA glue painted in the shape of a grave in front of some of the headstones. This adds some visual interest due to the dark colour and also some "atmosphere" (I must remember to add a skeletal hand too!)
Freshly dug grave effect in front of headstone.
Earth effect in front of headstones adds some variation to the board.

Watered-down PVA glue before adding brown flock.
With these simple details I think the overall impact is much better! I hope you agree!


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