Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Swordmasters of Hoeth - Finished!

Warning: Pic heavy post!

Got these guys finished up at last and ready to join the HE army I am painting up for my kids, "The Purple Sons of Xereus". They took about a week to do. Having 20 of them will give me a pretty hard-hitting core to the army.

Pics below:


Standard Bearer
Difficult to see, but I added edge highlights to the scabbard...
So, with a week to go until I reveal the army I have to hurry on, but I can see myself coming back to these guys. (TBH, you could spend hours more working on the details of the Swordmasters - there is just lots of detail to enjoy!)

Next up, the final unit in my army - x8 Silver Helms. I have a week of evenings to go until the deadline and have never painted cavalry before, so this could be a bit of challenge. In order to try to stay on schedule I spray painted them Skull White today (I'm out of Chaos Black) at the same time I was working on a movement tray for them - its all go!

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