Sunday, May 27, 2012

High Elf and Skaven Magical conundrums!

Although I don't have photos to share, I am about half way through a unit of x8 Silver Helms, the final HE unit in the army I am painting up.

As the end to the painting phase is in site, I have started to read through the BRB and HE army book for play insights. As I am not an experienced WFB player, I am struggling with the breadth of magic choices available to the HEs. What banners? What items?
Naturally, I have searched around the web, and there are a ton of options. Most of these however tend to address competitive lists and armies where there appears to be lots of flexibility in the models available and the players are experienced. In other words, a very different context from my own.
With only 1 Mage, I can only imagine that High Magic is the lore to go with, but beyond that I am a bit lost. Any advice?
-"Friendly"games only.
- Beginner level players.
- For the moment, only the units listed below are available.
- Opposing army will be Skaven, but I'd also like to think about a general list rather than a tailored one.

Models: (painted. I have others but only like to use with painted units...)
X1 Mage.
X20 Archers. (with command)
X20 Spearmen. (with command)
X20 Swordmasters. (with command)
X8 Silver Helms. (with command)

Other ideas:
-The mage model is on foot, so I imagine that I should bunker him. Keep him back with the archers and have the Silver Helms loiter to protect their flanks? (and the Bolt Throwers?)

-Focus on items to keep my lone mage up and running? (survivability, not offense)
-Have the archers in 2 units of 10?
-To increase drops, and divide enemy shooting, have x2 units of Swordmasters? (Yeah, these guys are bound to be a big fat bulls eye!)
I hope to get the Silver Helms done tonight. Sad to say that the Battlefield in a Box Elven Tower order I placed with Maelstrom is still listed as "Processing" two weeks after my order. I had hoped to reveal the completed HE army around the tower for my kid's birthday this week, but that won't be possible now. (btw, NOT a complaint about Maelstrom!)
Hope you are all having a great weekend.


  1. Elves are lucky enough to be able to use any of the eight winds of magic as well as their own. Personally I find the magic choices in High magic to be a bit naff, so I'd go with life or shadow magic.

    Are you going to do a seperate "General/Commander" figure?

    1. Thanks for the advice on the magic side of things. I have a standard bearer (primed) and also Tyrion (on horseback, unassembled), Teclis, and the Shadow Warrior leader (both also unprimed.)

      Any recommendations among them? (I feel the urge to have a standard bearer myself!)

  2. not sure how much is the point cost. But if I were you, I would likely start my skaven army from the default army of IOB set. Then build up or minus out to have an equal point.

  3. I wouldn't worry too much about magic items if you haven't played many games they can be unhelpful when you are just trying to get to grips with the core rules. I agree with Modern Kiwi taking life or shadow, though high magic can be pretty nifty though and its a very cheap lore being an older one.

    1. I think to keep things simple I will take your advice and stick to magic to start with as I learn the ropes. (Magic items will just be clutter...)
      I will definitely TRY High Magic though, probably before I try the other lores...
      Thanks for the comment!


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