Monday, May 7, 2012

On Cookies, Content and Command...


...and now for something completely different.

On Cookies...

Not the edible kind... instead, we are talking about the "Evil Cookie" kind.

-The kind that websites like to leave with you at home after visiting so they can track your behavior.
- The kind that most responsible browsers warn you about.
- The kind that tells you must be installed, or you can't access anything on their website!

Wait, what, huh?
So, on my regular visit to GW's homepage this week, I was surprised to be stopped in my tracks at the door by a new message on my screen (Click to enlarge):
Click to enlarge.
At first I didn't read it properly, and was surprised when I clicked "Enter Site" and nothing happened. It took a second or two to realize that unless I accepted the cookie by checking the agreement box then I wouldn't be able to browse the site at all!
Now, I'm no stranger to accepting cookies, tracking, or anything else - they are part of the day-to-day for most of us when browsing the web. In general, I find them rather useful as they save my options etc...
...but I don't think I have come across too many sites where I can't actually access anything on the site without accepting a cookie first, especially a website that contains a catalogue of items for sale, run by a company that is trying to make money.
To be fair, clicking on the link provided in the message tells you all about what those cookies are for so well done for being up front about that GW.

What do you think? Usual? Unusual? Unnecessary?

Content... short, back it up. 
HA! We all know that right? 
But I never backed-up The Chattering Horde blog until today. In fact, I didn't even know you could back-up a blog on Blogger (or any blog service) or just how easy it is.
With 157 posts and 527 comments published to date, it would be a shame if it all disappeared tomorrow! Although Blogger is a Google service, who knows if or when a big company will shut down a free service!?
To find out how to backup your Blogger blog, click here.

...and Command.

Specifically, a quick update on my first High Elf Hero, a Mage. Not finished yet, but I put in some time last night. (Sorry about the poorly lit photos - I will be asking for light box kit for my birthday I think!)

That is it for today - normal service will resume shortly!


p.s. another Blogger tip - don't mess with any photo albums in Picasa on your PC if you have them synced online with an album that has photos you have linked to for your existing posts. I had to delete and reattach about 50 photos across 10 posts tonight after stupidly reorganizing my photos...
...which caused all the links to break and photos to disappear from my posts!


  1. hey how r u? i must admit , i love the color scheme for ur elves... going wayy apart from the white-blue wer used to...good work!!

    1. Hi dancing platpuss - it has been a while!
      Glad you like the Elves. My wife REALLY prefers the traditional Blue and White, so at least someone other than me likes these colours! It will be interesting to see how the whole army looks when laid out on a battlefield...
      How is your army coming along?

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