Saturday, May 5, 2012

100,000 Views - Thank you!


It looks like the Chattering Horde has hit 100,000 pageviews! Thank you very much to everyone who has visited the blog, either just dropping by or to comment.
According to the stats page of Blogger, here are a few facts...

Total posts: 
166 (including this one)

Total comments:

First post: 
May 7th 2010: "The Horde Takes Shape"

Most popular posts:
5: "Skaven Doomwheel Stage-by-Stage" (1,128 pageviews)
4: "Skaven Clanrat Painting" (1,689 pageviews)
3: "How to Paint Skaven Rat Ogres (Island of Blood)" (2,456 pageviews)
2: "Painting Skaven Plague Monks Step by Step" (4,522 pageviews)
1: "How to Paint Skaven Clanrats (Island of Blood)" (4,673 pageviews)

The Chattering Horde started as a way to keep myself going when tackling my first horde army, share what I learned and see what it would be like to have my own blog.
The blog did keep me going, but what surprised me most was that a few kind souls would leave posts actually thanking me for sharing my painting guides. Compared to other blogs, 100,000 doesn't seem like a lot of course. I am just happy because I didn't start the blog with any expectation that anyone else would really even look at all, so it feels pretty good to get to a number like this. It is something I never anticipated! 

So what happens now?
I have been feverishly working on my first non-Skaven project, a High Elf army for my (soon to be) 10 year old in their favorite color. "The Purple Sons of Xereus" (geddit?)  are pretty much dominating my time and the blog output at the moment as they need to be done by the end of May. I have managed to get a unit of Spearmen, archers and Repeater Bolt Thrower so far. 
Since I started on them I have noticed fewer comments on the blog...I guess that some fellow Skaven Warlords are silent with disgust!

After that, I still have lots of Skaven models to paint on my shelf that I could add to my clan, including Plague Censer Bearers, Poison Wind Globadiers, another unit of Goblin slaves and more! 
Also, there are a few painting guides that I still have to finish, (Vermin Lord and High Elves too) So, no rest for the wicked!

Thanks again to everyone who has visited the Chattering Horde - I really appreciate your support and encouragement!

If you have any ideas about other things I could do on the blog, please let me know in the comments below.

All the best,



  1. Hey Squeek,

    We may be quiet, but my husband and I still check almost every day to see how things are progressing. Loving those High Elves, but still looking forward to you getting back into the Skaven :) I've already used a bunch of your ideas on my test models... Just not painting any more Skaven myself until I've bought the rest of the miniatures I want to complete my army

    Thanks for the inspiration! Keep it up :)


    1. Hello Fern,
      No worries - thanks for continuing to drop by! The Skaven are on the horizon now (maybe weeks away still but...) Glad that you are enjoying the High Elves!
      What are going to get next for your Skaven?

      All the best,

    2. Seriously debating that $400 army box, but probably another IoB and a battalion or two. Only have the IoB figures and a few characters so far, but can't resist buying more ratties!

    3. I know how you feel.
      However, as one who has tried and failed to resist the urge to buy lots of rats and now has a cupboard full of Skaven that I realize may take YEARS to paint and assemble, I would advise taking it slow!
      IOB is a good cheap choice for bulking up core (don't forget eBay for that too...)

  2. Yup, pretty much planning to just bulk up the cupboard and then do the lot at once... I'm in the midst of painting 10k points worth of Vampire Counts and 3k worth of Goblins, so slowly is the word of the day anyway!

    1. Did I hear (read) you right?
      Ten THOUSAND points of Vampire Counts????

  3. Yeah, at least 10k, because I keep adding "pretty things" to the shelf. Hoping to get our camera up and running and get our wargaming blog up and running sometime soon... Will have to flick thru the address once we sort it :)



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