Sunday, March 18, 2012

Stormvermin and High Elf Update #1

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I spent some evenings this week on the Stormvermin, and also getting started on some High Elf Spearmen. As the High Elves will be a birthday present for one of my kids (who, before you ask, doesn't really use the internet much so hopefully won't see this!) I am only working on them late at night.

Some update pics below.

Skaven Stormvermin.
Champion. He is the only one with "Blued" armour.
Rank and file.

I managed to get some basic work on the bases done, and also a couple of basecoats. My main Skaven army colour is Ice Blue, so I have used a slighly darker Ice Blue/ Mordian Blue blend to start off with, and will then layer-on from there after some washes. 
Being Stormvermin, there is lots of armour (at least by Skaven standards) so plenty of Boltgun Metal!
I followed through on my idea of only having the unit champion with coloured armour. I figure only he would have enough warptokens to do that (or perhaps the armour is taken from the previous user upon death). The others have some of their cloth done in the army colour.
Next up: Basecoat detailing, washes and highlights.

High Elf Spearmen.

Both of these models have received base-colours but no washes or highlights/ drybrushing.

These guys are taking much, much, longer than I thought they would (which makes me worry slightly about how long cavalry might take!) Apparently High Elves wear white when going into battle, so I worked-up the sleeves from Codex Grey and Fortress Grey through to Skull White - and that takes quite some time.

As purple is my kid's favorite colour, I am experimenting with Liche Purple and Warlock Purple. I hope that some Warlock Purple highlights will lighten the Liche Purple nicely.

My big question is the shields. I like the green gem (came out nicely) but haven't mastered purple yet. The burning question - which shield style is better, Purple or White?  I think white would be more common, and I quite like the purple one, but would it be too Druchii?
How about white for cannon-fodder, and purple for Champions?

All thoughts appreciated.

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