Friday, March 16, 2012

I've joined the Dark Side...

...or should that be "the Light Side"???

So, I started work on my High Elf army today. 

Shhhhh, don't tell anyone, but it is a present for my kid, who seems to be interested in the pointy-eared ones. I've only got a couple of months of working time, made harder by the fact that I can only paint in secret, so it is a bit of a challenge.

Here is what I now own (all from ebay, so a relative bargain)

  • X1 Tyrion
  • X1 Teclis
  • X1 Alrith Anir.
  • x1 Mage on Dragon. 
  • X1 Mage
  • X1 BSB
  • X2 Bolt Throwers.
  • X5 Dragon Princes.
  • X16 Silver Helms.
  • X32 Archers.
  • x40 Spearmen.
  • x20 Seaguard.
  • x3 Great Eagles.
  • x30 Swordmasters.
  • x10 Ellyrian Reavers.
  • x17 White Lions.
  • x1 Lion Chariot.

I'm going to continue with my Skaven (of course!) and I am also working on the Stormvermin unit (when my kids are up and about) and I hope to finish them in a week or two.

My question to you though, is what should I paint up in such a short time to make a playable (fun) 1000-1500 point force that my kids and I can use against my Skaven?

I'm guessing (I really have NO idea how many points this would be):

  • 1 Mage
  • 1 BSB
  • 20 or so Spearmen
  • 10-20 Archers.
  • 20 Swordmasters
  • 5 Ellyrian Reavers or 10 Silver Helms.
  • 1 Bolt Thrower
  • 2 Great Eagles.

Looking at what I own and time I have (literally a couple of months, mainly working a couple of hours a night 2-3 nights a week) what would you guys and gals recommend?

Thanks in advance for the advice!

p.s. I am debating whether or not to put painting guides etc for the Elves here within this blog, or setup a companion site cross-linked from this one....


  1. Nice collection :) I think yr Ok unless you play Dwarfs, the other Skaven players would have to hunt you down if you did.

    That small group at the bottom would, in a typical set up, be:

    L2 Mage - 170pts approx
    BSB on foot optimum setup - 168pts
    2 x 10 Archers w. Mu - 115pts each
    2 x 10 S/Masters w. Mu - 156pts each (units larger than 10-14 arent worth it)
    5 x Reavers w. Bows & Mu - 102pts
    Eagles are 50 each
    20 x Spears w. FC - 205pts
    10 x S/Helms w. FC & Shields - 270pts

    So 1600pts approx.

    Not a bad list really just drop 5 Silver Helms to buff the mage up to a L3/4 and its a workable.

    Build it from yr point of view, what would you least like to face as a Skaven player

    1. Thanks for the input John! I funny thing is that at the moment I tend to think like a Skaven...the idea of only having 20 Spearmen is horrifying/ terrifying! (Must...have...30-35!) but I guess I need to think more like a Tau than my Skaven.
      BTW, realized today that your HE army is a similar colour (Liche Purple/ Warlock Purple?) - very striking!

    2. Not a problem - I honestly went with purple because I found it easier to highlight with because my GW-Pink is just naturally thin.

      Spears fight in 4 ranks if your High Elves, 5 in a horde (-1 rank if you charged) so taking 30+ makes for a lot of attacks.

  2. Wow, that's quite a pool of pointy-eared talent!

    Whatever list you go with, I recommend including a bolt-thrower. Its 100 points, so you could use it instead of the 5 Reavers. It should be easy enough to paint up the 'thrower and 2 crew, and your child should have fun pointing it at blocks of rat-men and watching the furry bodies fly...

    By the way, do you find it easy to find sellers on e-Bay willing to ship to Japan?

    1. Thanks for the tip! I have heard good things about the bolt thrower and it would be an easy way to paint 100 points or so in the short time that I have. I am going to post an update shortly, but I am finding that the HE core takes a LOT longer to paint than I thought, and that is even the "easier" models like spear elves. The Bolt Thrower looks relatively easy. (Famous last words!)

      It is definitely harder to find ebay sellers who are willing to ship to Japan. Very few US sellers do. European based sellers seem more open to it, so make sure when you search that you include results from "Worldwide" sellers (checkbox on left-hand side of the screen). Other than that, it is just patience and waiting until the right auction comes along. Note that you will pay dearly for shipping to Japan, so double-check the maths carefully to find out if it is still worth it. (Note that I have found that it usually is, even with expensive shipping...)


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