Sunday, March 4, 2012

And the winner is...


...The Stormvermin!  (tada~bugles etc.)

Let's take a look at the results shall we?

  1. Stormvermin: 67% (29 votes)
  2. Tie: Doomflayer, Clanrats, Plague Censer Bearers: 9% each (4 votes each)
  3. Plague Wind Globadiers: 4% (2 votes)
  4. Warpgrinder: 0% (absolutely no votes whatsoever.)
Well, that is a whole load o' love for the Stormvermin, and a disappointing kick in the crotch for the Warpgrinder. I guess not only do current Skaven players not field this thing too much, they also aren't too keen on seeing them painted... least when one of the other options is the Stormvermin!

Copyright Games Workshop

So, I guess that pretty much decides what I will paint and post a "Step-by-step guide" to next. It may have to wait a little bit though due to a pretty busy week, but I am looking forward to it.

A quick look around seems to show two distinct ways of painting these guys.
  1. Use your main army colour on the cloth, and keep the armour in traditional metal (Boltgun Metal etc.) with lots of Devlan Mud (or black) as in the GW unit pictured above (an informal Google search shows this to be the most common approach.)
  2. Use the main army colour on the actual armour itself, and do the cloth in a complimentary colour. (Kind of like Queek Headtaker's armour in the image below.)
Copyright Games Workshop

Certainly, when GW does the latter it looks very striking (especially in red.) I think though that a good compromise between the time it would take to do approach "2" on all the models and a good effect would be to do only the Unit Champion with coloured armour, and the others with regular armour.

This could work because it would show that the Champion is not just special by being harder and meaner, but perhaps he also inherits the best armour with the colour. This would be a mark of leadership or favour AND a good way for him to be known when on the battlefield. I'd have to be careful to show that he isn't as important as Queek though - a good excuse to learn how to weather armour with scratches and chips?

I only have 20 Stormvermin at the moment, but who knows, once I get them painted up, perhaps that will spur me to buy more?

Thanks to everyone who voted and thanks in advance for your patience until I get this underway!


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