Saturday, March 10, 2012

Best Skaven figure...


OK, you might have been thinking that it might be the Stormvermin unit champion, the Plague Priest, Queek Headtaker or one of the other bigger models. True, those models are really nicely done and full of character, so they might have been in the running...

...but not for me, because nothing compares to this little guy:

OK, I guess why this is the "Best" Skaven model needs a bit of explanation.

A while back I was rummaging through my bits bag to see how I could "Skaven-up" my most recent batch of Plague Monks. In the end, I decided to take a few giant rats that I had painted months ago and add them to the movement tray. (That actually worked pretty well and I recommend it as a quick method of adding some atmosphere to your movement trays or unit.)
In along with the Giant Rats was this guy. I must have painted him and added him in, planning to use him at a later date.
I can't remember what sprue he comes from (anyone?).

So why is he the "best"?

1.) Was a memorable part of the learning process
- One of the earliest times I ever felt that I had got drybrushing right

2.) Challenging
- At 12mm short he is half the size of my other minis - additional challenge!

3.) A reminder to try harder
- Dammit, I can still see those lines of flash that I missed on him...

4.) Captures the essence of the army. 
- This mini somehow captures the humour in the Skaven. He doesn't have any weird warpstone inventions, but there is something amusing about a large, robe-wearing rat, pointing the way for his larger brethren (especially when he can't see as his hood covers his eyes) Maybe you need a "warped" sense of humour to see it? (Sorry, couldn't resist.) 
- Oh, and let's not forget the well-sculpted skull.

5.) Just a fantastic sculpt.
-Detailed, without being overwhelming.
-Natural, flowing lines on the robes etc.

OK, "Best" in this case is a very personal thing. 

In summary, I think he captures the essence of the Skaven really well, and the essence of the Children of the Horned God is one reason they are so fun to paint and play. Although I haven't owned other WFB armies, the only one that comes close to the ratmen for me in terms of humor (or exceeds them) has to be Orcs and Goblins. (If only for the random death and madness, constant infighting, and amusing language.)

Believe it or not, this little guy is my absolute favorite Skaven model, and so he occupies the space under my computer monitor 24/7. It is models like this, and the experience of modelling and painting that goes along with them, that make this a great hobby.

What is your "Best" model in terms of a model that has personal meaning to you? 



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