Saturday, March 24, 2012

High Elf spearmen Update #2

Been working on this unit over the past week on and off when my kids weren't around. So far I think I have managed to keep this a secret although there have definitely been a couple of close calls!
-basecoats (shields, shields, shields and more shields.)
-washes (boots, armour, faces, shield backs)
-drybrushing (armour, boots, skin)
-eyes. (much harder than Skaven...plenty to learn there.)
-initial highlights (edge of robes)
-Basing (drybrushing, static grass)
Still more detailing and layering to be done, as well as the unit banner, but they look like a unit now. It feels pretty good to rank them up - compared to Skaven as they rank up so easily! (the downside to all those tails...)
The photos aren't good as I took them on my tablet late at night. Bad light, poor camera!
P.s. I'm using blogger mobile for the first time so it will be interesting to see how the post and photos look...


  1. The photos aren't working too well for me, I can't click on them for a larger view.

    That said, they look pretty good. The spearman with the spear poking out front is going to make it a PITA to have close combat with them though.

  2. Hmmm, I think next time I might try to just write the post in my browser rather than use the app. The images also look very grainy to me.

    Great point about the spearman. Just goes to show that I hardly ever play as that hadn't even crossed my mind! The previous owner had assembled him this way. I'll see if there is any chance he might fit in a rear rank. If not I am planning to do another batch of ten, but might do 11 instead and swap him out.



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