Saturday, February 25, 2012

Reader Poll - Choose my next painting project!


OK, now I need your help with a decision...
...what unit to paint next!

Please do me a favour and click on the poll on the screen to help me choose. 
I will paint whatever you - the hated man-things, decide. (If you happen to be a Grey Seer, or other notable member of the great Skaven race, then accept my apologies for such an insult....)

I own the following models so really just need a decision. In brackets below you can see how many of the unit I actually already have "ready to play" and painted in my force. 

The choices are:

  1. Poison Wind Globadiers. (Currently: 0)
  2. Plague Censer Bearers. ( Currently: 0)
  3. Stormvermin. (Currently: 0 )
  4. Warpgrinder Team(s) (Currently: 0)
  5. Doom-flayer(s) (Currently: 0)
  6. Clanrats. (Currently: 120)
My thoughts are:
Poison Wind Globadiers
Copyright Games Workshop
Cool, but would almost never use them. Also not so keen on the fact that they all look so similar, so might do some light conversions with the weapons etc to shake things up a bit.
Plague Censer Bearers
Copyright Games Workshop
Plague Censer Bearers
Not a huge fan of the models compared to the IOB and more recent plastics, and it seems as though not many people take them these days. On the other hand, I only need a small unit so they wouldn't take too long...
Copyright Games Workshop
I have had these from my first purchase but just never got around to them. I only have 20, so they couldn't be a major force on the battlefield. They might be useful as a small bunker for my general or battle-standard bearer though?
Copyright Games Workshop
Now that I actually have some Clan Eshin guys in my army, they might be helpful. On the other hand, why take the risk of a cave-in when the Clan Eshin unit can probably make its way to the enemy's backline without too much trouble anyway?
Copyright Games Workshop
A big plus - it is a cool model and the fluff is great. 
A big fat minus - most people don't seem to think they are too effective on the battlefield. (But then again, I never get to play any games of WFB anyway!)
Skaven Clanrats
Copyright Games Workshop
Who doesn't need more Clanrats?

Now that I have a pretty strong core of my army built up, it might be fun to spend some time on units that don't seem to be essential to the Skaven in 8th edition, but I will leave that up to you - the voting public - to decide!




  1. Plague Censer Bearers:

    Agreed, the models aren't as cool as they used to be, but their special rules (Frenzy; Hatred; Plague…) are awesome.

  2. Add 20 more Stormvermin to make whole unit complete

    1. ...another 20 would be ideal as 40 would be a much better number on the battlefield! I just don't have the warpstone tokens right now...
      20 is a good number for painting though!

  3. I look forward to seeing more of your excellent work!

    Let me know if you would like to play a game against my (unpainted :() High Elf army!

    1. Ha! The classic match up? Sounds like fun...
      I actually have a new-found interest in the pointy-eared do-gooders as my kids are interested in them and I am going to probably paint some up as a birthday gift for them. Any advice on what would be a good core for 1500 points or so?

  4. The Island of Blood models plus the Battalion Box gives you a nice, solid force of 1500 to 2000.

    But, the models in the HE battalion box are a bit dated, while the newer Phoenix Guards, White Lions etc., are very pretty!

    If you can score some more core (spearmen or archers) from eBay or somewhere, you could probably skip the Battalion Box...

    1. I did hit up eBay the other day, and think I may have that sorted! (fingers crossed...)

  5. Got to be Storm Vermin. What War Lord could possibly resist the chance to both have more vaguely competent troops on the field, and to put his rivals in a unit where they're likely to be killed.

  6. Do the Stormvermin. I'm excited to see what you would do with them.

    1. Thanks for the comment - did you vote? What I do next is decided entirely by that...
      Thanks for coming by!
      p.s.Please only vote once.


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