Saturday, February 18, 2012

WIP - Plague Monk reinforcements

*Squeek* Plague Monk update...

They stink, they reek, they spread disease. They're PERFECT for any Skaven army that has a Clan Moulder army, or even your regular Warlord Clan like mine. (Although lets be honest, frenzy can be a bit of a double-edged - and rusty - sword.) 

I already have a medium-sized unit of thirty Plague Monks. They were one of the first units that I painted-up and posted a step-by-step guide for. After finishing some slaves, I thought that I should bump this unit up a bit, so the other night I started another ten. Ten is a good manageable amount.

I managed to lay down some base colours this week. (After being painfully reminded that PMs need quite a lot of filing on the tails, cloth and skin to remove excess flash...)

One of my favorite Plague Monk sculpts... the way half of his head is covered by a skull and the other open
a possible Plague Censer bearer?
Deneb Stone for bandages.
One thing I did differently for this batch was to use Dwarf Flesh for the skin basecoat (rather than Tallarn Flesh). Slow, as it took several coats...

Just over the past couple of days, there was a good thread over on the Underempire about Plague Monk colours. One of the points that came up was that it is incredibly common to see monks in green, and were there any other colour options? I have kept to green, but I would love to see some good examples of alternatives! Any leads anyone?

I should have these guys done by the end of the weekend and will post again then.


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