Thursday, February 23, 2012

Plague Monk reinforcements FINISHED


Just a few lads to add to my small unit of PMs, which should taken the frenzied ones up to about 40. 

As the beady-eyed among you will notice, even though I thought they were finished when I took these pictures I have forgotten to do the eyes!
...but I want to get these pictures posted anyway as it has been a while!

In a departure from my step-by-step guide to Plague Monks I didn't do any layering on these models. Instead I just did a wash of Devlan Mud (Ogryn Flesh on the skin) and then drybrushed the models with one or two lighter shades of the main colours. In addition, I started the skin as a Dwarf Flesh without a layer of Tallarn Flesh first underneath.

Also different is the fact that I used a Vermin Brown wash to add rust to the weapons. When I painted the first unit, I hadn't learned to do that, so I guess at some point I need to go back and "rustify" the other 30!

As these guys will be mixed in amongst the rank and file, I don't think much more detail is necessary at this point (except of course painting those eyes!)

All comments and feedback welcome!



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