Sunday, February 12, 2012

Fifty Finished Goblin slaves (with pictures.)

"Which way ladz?"
"That way you Goblin scum!"

Ahem, I mean "I've finally finished my first unit of Goblin slaves".

It took me a week to do them, working pretty much every night for a couple of hours on each stage of the painting process. I would do a base colour on all fifty, then back to the first one etc.

At the beginning of this unit, I realized that I would have to do something to break up the uniform look of these old WFB starter set models. I think I have been partially successful, but only a decent unit filler will really do the trick...
(I have something in mind - Rat Ogre holding the chains of a Goblin Warboss and a squig, all of them being whipped on by a master moulder...)

Here are some photos of the unit. 
50 Goblin Slaves!
Clan Moulder "Cheerleaders" keep up the unit's motivashun.
Snotflikka leading from da' front.
Rats added to the movement tray
"Old bonez" da spearman
Snotflikka 'n friends.
Shoot from the back.
"I feel safer wiv my big choppa"
"We'ze in charge den?"
Here are some things you may have noticed I did with this lot.

  1. Replaced a lot of the original spearblades with blades from Skaven weapons.
  2. Removed weapon arms and replaced them with Skaven arms and weapons. (Some from the IOB clanrats, some from the Plague monks sprue)
  3. Removed the original Goblin icons from their shield bosses  and replaced them with Skaven icons. (From previous edition clanrats)
  4. Replaced whole shields with Island of Blood triangular clanrat shields.
  5. Added giant rats to some models.
  6. Added "regular" rats to some models.
  7. Mixed Goblins spearmen with Goblin archers.
  8. Used a Skaven standard. 
  9. Added Skaven pennants from the Plague Monk set.
  10. Added rats to the edge of the movement tray.

Pretty obvious, but still quite a lot of work...

All comments and crit welcome! Thanks for looking.



  1. The gobbos look good, very nicely painted and some subtle conversions. My only quibble is that perhaps they look a little too well fed and equipped for slaves. Would you consider mixing in some other slaves too? Human or Skaven?

    1. I agree that they look too well fed, and actually, probably too well armed as well! (I added quite a few extra knives etc. here and there...) I would definitely mix in some real Skaven slaves. I have another unit of 50 previous edition skaven, and so I could just swap half the units around. Will see how it looks and then post some pics.

  2. Real nice.
    Love the idea behind the unit as well, will certainly make for a good looking, varied, army when it all ranks up with stuff like this in there.

    1. Cheers! As per Modernkiwi's idea above, it might look even MORE varied if I mix up my Skaven slaves and these guys....


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