Thursday, August 4, 2011

Army Lists page added - comments please!

A group of Snotlings gamely take on a Clanrat unit...

As many of you will know, I have not been much of a general so far... my shame, not enough battles, and pretty much NO wins!

HOWEVER, I am getting more interested in playing more games now. I now feel I have enough troops painted to swap in and out units to vary my army and play at a wide range of points (Up to around 2500-3000 I guess...)

So I have created an Army Lists Page - you can see the link at the top. I have just added an army I threw together in Army Builder the other day. I would be very grateful if people could comment on these lists when I put them up - but please:

  • the list carefully before commenting and note what I am trying to do with the list. e.g. The first list is a "General" list for taking on all-comers, and NOT a particular enemy army, so when commenting, please think about whether it could serve in that role!
  • ...bear in mind that I am not a competitive gamer, so none of the lists I post are aimed at winning tournaments or competitions.
  • ...understand that even if you aren't a fan of using software personally to build army lists (and there may be errors) I find it convenient to use such software, and I play with a group of friends who don't mind the odd error or two in points totals!
  • ...try to provide constructive criticism rather than just point out weaknesses. If you have a recommendation, why would you recommend a unit etc? (I have been very happy to recently receive comments and emails from people like me who are beginners with Skaven, and who enjoy The Chattering Horde as they find it helpful. Building army lists is one area we beginners could certainly do with some input and help!

So, do please hop on over to the Army Lists Page, take a look and let me know what you think of the list(s)!



  1. West Tokyo Wargamersのブライアンの友達のjuriです。
    私は、ただいまPLAGUECLAW CATAPULTを制作中です。


  2. @juri-san - コメントありがとう!ブルーはスケイブンらしくないですがやっぱりほかのスケイブンと違う色がよかったと思います。
    ぜひPLAGUECLAW CATAPULTができてから写真を見せてください!今Juri-sanが持っているスケイベンは何ポイントぐらいありますか?

  3. まだ、塗り始めたばかりなので、500ポイントくらいしかありません。



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