Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Goodbye Games Workshop...


I hope I haven't got this wrong...

...but I was sorry to hear from the manager of my local GW here in a suburb of Tokyo that they, and four other GW branches, will be shut down in the next few weeks. I had popped in to buy some new brushes, "magic sauce" (Devlan Mud) and the latest edition of White Dwarf when I was told.

I wasn't really concentrating too hard on the Japanese used at the time, as I had a long day at work, but it only struck me later that maybe the manager was talking about being closed over the Obon Holiday period? However, one thing that makes me think I heard the manager right was that I notice on their store locator page they now list only 2 GW Hobby Centres (Jinbocho and Nakano). 

As some of you will remember, after the big earthquake I wrote in to GW to see if all the staff were fine and was relieved to hear that they were. I don't know if I heard right and the store really is closing permanently, but IF so, I hope that the employees at those stores will keep their jobs elsewhere within the organization. They were always exceptionally polite and helpful.


Domo-Kun salutes you GW Machida

In other news, the GW Japan website has moved over to the Games Workshop UK site in look and feel, and all access is now being redirected there from Japan.



  1. Hey man,

    Fellow Skaven player living in Shinjuku :D
    Guess you know by now that all the hobby centres in Tokyo other than Jimbocho and Nakano have closed down over the past few weeks. If you ever see a tall white dude at the Jimbocho store with a new era cap come say hi!


  2. Hi Dan...Yup, I feared it to be true and thought I heard the manager at Machida correctly, but then later their FB page was still up and everything.
    Too bad about that. Jimbocho isn't too bad for me to visit relative to where I work in Tokyo, but Machida was very near my home. Never mind. Will definitely say hi if I see you. Thanks for dropping by TCH! :-)

  3. I dropped by my local (Kichijouji) on Monday (just needed to pick up a few paints) and was sad to see the closed sign on the door.
    Thankfully Nakano's just a few stops down the Chuo line.

  4. Hi Jon, sorry your local closed down, but be happy that Nakano isn't too far away!

  5. Good grief.. went to Machida today to buy paints and its GONE! its being converted to a fast food joint... crap...

  6. Yup, Machida GW is no more...
    ...and the same fate befell several other stores too.
    At least we still have GW in Japan (even if for many of us Jinbocho isn't quite so convenient.

  7. I just went to the Jimbocho and Nakano stores and bought a 1000pt army. I'm new to Tokyo and have relatively little japanese so I'm hoping that I can find some games. It seems like they're having a "Foreigner's Event" soon for the English-speaking crowd and it may become a regular event depending on turnout. I'll be there, so drop by and show your support

    1. Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment! What army did you buy btw? I didn't know about GW thinking about having a foreigner's event, but good to know. I am interested in how they will promote or get word of it around? Anyway, if you are new in town (Welcome to Tokyo) then don't forget to check out West Tokyo Wargamers. Very friendly guys with some WFB players (Beastmen, Tomb Kings, Skaven) as well as board games and historical gamers. More info here:

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