Sunday, August 28, 2011

Clan Eshin Approaches...Can You Hear Them? (Presumably Not!)

I'ze in ur base stealin' ur stuf


"Yes, yes, many rumours had reached my ears through the farsqueeker that my negotiations with Clan Eshin had been troubled, but NO, for today, a set of new faces could be seen around my halls...
Clan Eshin reinforcements!
Obviously, the offer of my freshest slaves, more warptokens, 40% of all the spoils of my next campaign, and a "Favour" in the future were enough to convince the clan that they should assist me..."

So, I finally got around to doing a couple more stages on the Gutter Runners/ Night Runners I put together a few weeks ago.
- Removing mould lines (filing)
- Adding modelling sand to the bases (painting on PVA glue to the bases, and then dipping in sand.)

- Undercoat with Citadel Chaos Black spraypaint.

I'm hoping that it won't take me too long to finish off these guys as much of their uniform will be dark colours or black anyway. (famous last words.)
I'll try to put up some shots of them once I have finished the basic colours...


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