Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New Forge World Skaven Models

OK, let me be totally honest with you - I don't know how new they are exactly, but I just came across a link to these the other day and they are new to me at least!


Skaven Exalted Vermin Lord. (Copyright Warhammer Forge)

Skaven Exalted Vermin Lord. (Copyright Warhammer Forge)

Skaven Brood Horror (Copyright Warhammer Forge)

Skaven Brood Horror (Copyright Warhammer Forge)
For more images of these kits, please visit the Warhammer Forge site.

If you aren't familiar with Forge World (and therefore Warhammer Forge) now might be a good time to check them out. Basically they make high quality resin kits for the various GW systems such as 40K and (now) Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

This includes:
- Conversion kits for vehicles. (40K)
- Supersize models such as Titans (40K) and Giants etc. (WFB)
- 100% new vehicle types (40K and WFB)
- 100% new troop types (Chaos Dwarves!) and models. (40K and WFB)
- Monsters (WFB)
- Terrain. (40K and WFB)
- Experimental rules sets for some of the above. (Visit their website for more info about these.)
- Beautifully illustrated books covering every detail of specific 40K campaigns.

Thanks to some trading and the generosity of my gaming colleagues, I have an Imperial Armour book (it is F.A.B.) and also a set of "Hazard"XV-9 Close Support Armour for my Tau (since getting into WFB I haven't painted these though...)
Forge World "Hazard XV-9" Tau armour
(Copyright Forge World)

Some things to bear in mind about FW models and ranges:

  1. These aren't cheap! (Rightly, many would argue, considering the size and quality.)
  2. You would usually need to check first with an opponent whether you can use a Forgeworld model in a game, as their rules are not contained in Army Books etc. (Most people would usually be fine with you using a model to stand-in for GW model, after all, Forge World are part of GW, but is is the rules that you need to confirm you can use.)
  3. I understand (not having been to a tournament myself) that whether or not FW models and rules are allowed is entirely up to the "TO" (Tournament Organizer) so check with them before going to a tournament.
  4. FW models are resin, and so if you haven't worked with resin before (like me) you may want to check out some guidelines for assembly.

I'd love to have these in my Skaven army, but thanks to other recent efforts to bolster my forces don't have the warp tokens to invest in reinforcements like this (at least, that is what the brood-queen in my clan would say...)

I can't wait to see what else comes out of Warhammer Forge!

Until next time...


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