Saturday, August 20, 2011

I'm a slave... painting slaves.

From Warhammer Online Wiki

I haven't done any painting for a long time, so it was with horror that I opened my "Clan cupboard" and realized I must still have a good 70 to 100 figures left to paint (and a couple of warmachines too) before my clan is truly finished.

Having purchased some Night Runners I got good advice that I should paint them up quick because they are so useful (as Gutter Runners). However, after assembling them and taking a look at my horde I realized that my slaves are still far too few in number to be really useful...and as everyone seems to think that it is slaves that are actually our most important unit I thought I should buff up my unit size a bit first.

If you take a look over at my clan you can see that I use previous edition Clanrat models as slaves. I really much prefer the Island of Blood clannies, so use them as my core troops. (I think the older generation look really weak and slave-like compared to them.)
So here they are!

I think they have come out OK, considering that painting these models is actually a bit of a chore and I didn't lavish too much attention on them.

Some errors I made, mainly through laziness, that could/ should be avoided in future:

1. As I have had these undercoated and lying on the shelf for ages I didn't check that they had been carefully sanded to remove mould-lines/ flash. If you look closely it really shows. These older models in particular suffer from this is on the:

  • a.) Feet. 
  • b.) Spearheads. Particularly along the back ridge of the spear.
  • c.) Shoulders. The pauldrons in particular.
2. When buying these older models secondhand (especially from eBay) always check with the seller that you are going to get the tails. Many of my lot are missing tails and it annoys me now. (I tell myself that in my clan, slaves are punished by having their tails clipped off. Or they lose them in fighting? Or perhaps sell them in exchange for food?)

3. Overexuberant rust washes! This is a Solar Macharius Orange that has been heavily watered down, but it looks way to "orangey"...

4. At the time I added sand to the bases before undercoating the model, I wasn't careful enough about the application of glue. Most of these models have sand on their feet. It doesn't sound like a big problem but actually it makes painting the feet a lot harder - and it looks bad.

I used the save overall techniques as used before in my Clanrats/ Slaves 4th Generation Guide but with the addition of a Solar Macharius Wash to get the rust effect. that I have done another 21, that brings my number of slaves to 51. I can increase that number another 40 by taking out one of my 3 units of 40 clanrats, but I really should consider painting up another 50 actual slaves.

Gutter Runners next I reckon, as they should add a whole level of new tactical options to my horde.



  1. I love the look you are getting. Nice work :)

  2. @Fnurgn - cheers! I think they came out OK considering I was determined not to spend TOO much time on them. Unlike most of my other units I didn't bother to go over them one more time with highlights or much extra drybrushing...

  3. I think they came out very nicely. I actually like the rust wash. It should stand out well at tabletop distance.

  4. @Luckyjoe - thanks for the comments! Glad you like the rust wash. As you say, I think that when seen at tabletop distance, and when merged in with (or alongside) other units, it WILL actually give the right look and feel to the slaves... thanks for reminding me of that!
    One thing I did differently was usual was to do more than one rust wash. I did an initial wash all over the weapon, then once that was dry stippled on a second wash in random places. Finally I immediately wicked-away random bits of the second wash using the end of a dry tissue. I think that adds a bit of randomness/ layering that makes the overall effect a bit better.


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