Sunday, July 31, 2011

Micro Art Studio Ancient Base...


"Wait? Do you hear it?
What is that sound??

Yes, YES! It is the skittering of verminous feet over the tumbled ruins of our defeated enemies. Could there be any sound more joyous to the ears of the Children of the Horned Rat??"

(Apart, possibly from hearing the lamentation of their women)

Actually, that sound was the paws the delivery man upon the stone floor of my chamber as he backed out of my presence, having just delivered a package to my lair. A package containing a 50x50mm "Ancient Base", manufactured by Micro Art Studio in Poland. (Some of you will remember that this is the base that was arranged for me by Maelstrom Games as they had sent me a model without a base, necessitating a long and drawn-out series of emails about a replacement. My thanks to Tim at Maelstrom for sorting this out - much appreciated.)

Here are a couple of photos:

Now, I doubt that I will be able to paint this up to the level found in the image on the Micro Art Studio website...
Image from Micro Art Studio
...but I am excited to get hold of this as I think it will go really well with Scar-Scath, who I will be using as the Verminlord for my Skaven army. If I can get it right I think it will look great to have him standing over the ruins of a fallen race, perhaps with some Skaven or Giant rats scurrying forward at his command!

A word on the manufacturer. If you haven't already done so, definitely jump over to Micro Art Studio. I haven't used anything of theirs before, but from what I can see they have an amazing range of high-quality bases to fit just about any scenario or need. I am particularly interested in the range of movement trays. I tend to make up my own by there are times when something that looks really professional would be just right, such as a centerpiece unit or for a unit with a special character etc. (You can also purchase Micro Art Products from Maelstrom Games too.)

To the guy(s?) at Micro Art Studio - great job!
To Tim at Maelstrom - thanks again for sorting this out!

Now, let me slink back to my broken throne and return to my thoughts of domination and warpstone (and cheese, as teatime approaches...)


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