Monday, July 11, 2011

Conversion for Dual Use Plague Furnace/ Screaming Bell Kit

Hello my fellow Warlords. This entry in the Chattering Horde is for your beady eyes only - NOT for the man things, as in this entry we will look at a relatively easy way to keep your Screaming Bell kit as "Dual Use".

As you will know, the kit contains parts for both models, but usually, people use it as one or the other. Of course, using parts located on the scavenge pile of the inter-tunnels, you could always scrounge spare parts, but why do that? Especially when even without Warlock Engineer skills or Clan Skryre ingenuity you can achieve the same end? Yes, yes, you see it now!

So how do we achieve this? Arm yourself with a craft-knive, some plastic glue and a bit of patience, and read on!

WARNING: Before anything else, just remember that you are NOT going to glue the Bell or the Plague censer axle between the two stone columns on the platform.


1. Locate the Rat-ogre bell puller.
2. Carefully cut away part of the circle at the end of his chain, in a direction towards the bell puller. This cut should allow you to clip the part onto the end (axle) of the bell.

3. OPTIONAL: As you aren't going to glue the bell-ringer's chain to the axle of the Screaming Bell (you will just gently clip it on and unclip it) you may find that you may need to add a bit of weight to the bottom of the bell-ringer's platform. This is because otherwise the weight of the bell can pull the platform up in the air. I used a couple of spare bits from some Tau XV Broadside models, but I'm guessing that a couple of coins in the right place would do the trick. Image below:

4. Clip the chain onto the axle of the bell to use!

To convert the Plague Censer, there are two steps. The first is to convert the axle on the plague censer, the second is to convert the chain pulled by the Plague monk team that mans the equipment. See below some photos and more information.

1. You are going to make an extension of the Plague censer axle. Take 4 parts of sprue.

2. You are going to cut two equal lengths and glue these to the Plague censer axle. They will need to be a few centimeters long and at one end be joined so that the Plague Censer swinging team can clip their chain to it (see below). You will see in the picture below that I have scored the sprue parts and added some chips. Once painted this will help these parts look more like lengths of wood.

There are two parts to this. The first is to work on the chain. The second is to make a new platform for the Plague Monks (because the platform supplied with the kit is being used by the Rat Ogre bell ringer!)

1. As with the Rat Ogre conversion (above) we need to make sure we can easily clip the chain of the plague monk team on and off the new axle that we added above.
2. Carefully cut open the circle at the end of the chain that the Plague Monk crew are holding. The picture below will give you an idea of the size and angle of the cuts to make.

3. Using the platform that is supplied with the kit as a model in terms of size, cut a new platform for the Plague Monk crew from plasticard or any other fairly thin board/ card. You will then need to glue the monks to their new platform. Using a craftknife, score the surface of the platform so that when painted it will feel more like wood than smooth plastic. (The image below isn't ideal, but should give you an idea of this!)

You're done! Now you can exchange the Screaming Bell and Plague censer depending on your battle needs! The images below should help you see how the final pieces all go together. A few words of caution - treat these conversions with care and be careful when substituting the different parts. (The chains in particular are fragile).

Hope this is useful - go forth and be victorious!


  1. @Fnurgn Cheers! Hope that it is useful. I am sure there must be a better (and simpler) way to do it, so please let me know how you go if you give it a try.

  2. There is a MUCH simpler way!

    I just opted not to glue the bell, the clapper, the censer, the priest, the 3 priest crew, and the rat ogre.

    It is SO EASY to just gently swap them out. The clapper holds it in place and slides out no problem. No one can tell its not glued.

    If you've already glued it you won't see what talking about, if you haven't glued it, don't waste all the time and energy to make this incredibly complicated conversion.

    Oh i also use a tiny dot of blue-tac to hold whatever crew in place.

    Nice work on your conversion though.

  3. You are SO right! That is a much, much simpler way! ;-) I guess I just have a habit of making things complicated - Blu Tack would have solved all my problems and is highly recommended! Thanks for adding this.

  4. ive seen the seccond conversion before and i agree it is MUCH easier to do, but if your like myself and keep lookin for new and interesting ways to mess with ur models... try this conversion - it looks quite effective and would be a nice simple way to start developing your conversion skills


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