Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Finished High Elf Noble on Elven Steed

Finished off the base for this model today, so feel that this Elven Noble on steed is ready for the gaming table.

I'm quite pleased with the results. 
In these photos it isn't easy to see, but I put quite a bit of effort in that I think paid off:

  • For the white robes, I layered up from gray, rather than using a wash.
  • I picked out each scale on the scale-mail individually. After a base of Dwarf Bronze and then a wash, I added a small highlight of Auric Gold to the bottom of each scale. 
  • For the base, I am pleased with how the flock looks around the broken statuary.
  • After multiple failed attempts, I finally manage to get the eyes right on a model!
  • To match some of my other models, I added a tuft of grass to the base.

Thanks for looking. Come the weekend and bit more time (and some better lighting) I will take some more photos and close ups.

As usual, feel free to share any feedback!


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